Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.

This has always been one of my favorite verses in the scriptures. I guess I love the joining together of the spiritual and the practical. The Lord uses our vocal cords to pray, to actually pray for us and to bring divine help our way. Of course, this verse describes one of the most intimate relationships available to us. The Holy Spirit, who lives inside of every Christian, begins to express Himself in us and through us through these heavenly groanings. This passage teaches us about help, real help, in the areas we need it the most. The Spirit “helps us” in our weaknesses. This word help is very descriptive in the original text. Paul used the greek word sunantilambanomai. Wow, what an unusual word. Here is the definition of this word from Strong’s and Thayer’s word books.

Strong’s definition
Help-Likewise the Spirit also helpeth * sunantilambanomai -to take hold of opposite together, that is, co-operate (assist): – help
Thayer Definition:
1) to lay hold along with, to strive to obtain with others, help in obtaining
2) to take hold with another

What this passage says is that this unusual person, the Holy Spirit joins together with us against our weaknesses. What a powerful help, there is no situation we have to face alone, no battle we need to fight in our own strength, the HELPER is there to join with us in all of our weaknesses.
What kind of weakness are you dealing with? Are you trying to win that battle in your own strength? Maybe you are struggling with old habits, He can provide real strength to live free from those old addictions. Maybe you are facing weakness, or sickness in your body, the Holy Spirit is an awesome healer and is able to bring wholeness to your body. Maybe you are involved in ministry and the obstacles in your way seem insurmountable; be encouraged, He will provide all of the strength and help you need to accomplish the work He has called you to fulfill.
How can you access this strength; by praying in the Spirit. In this place of powerful intimacy we begin to experience His incredible help. This help is real, unlimited, and available today for each of us.

6 Replies to “HELP”

  1. That was an eye opener, to call out for His help is all he waits for us to do, he is the help all of us need regardless if we can admit it or not. Most of us are to prideful to ask for help, today help comes out of my mouth all the time because I can’t do anything without the help of our Lord Jesus Christ!!!!

  2. i just got done reading about the lord being the vine and we being the branches, we can do nothing unless we stay in the vine, we can be weak physically, maybe we dont always understand everything or we have everything coming against us we are alright as long as we stay abideing in the vine, t5he lord has always worked things out if those stay in the vine

  3. The word weakness caught my attention. It is the word (ἀσθένεια)astheneia It is also translated to – — infirmity 17, weakness 5, disease 1, sickness 1
    Definition: StrongsG769
    1) want of strength, weakness, infirmity a) of the body
    1) its native weakness and frailty
    2) feebleness of health or sickness b) of the soul
    1) want of strength and capacity requisite a) to understand a thing, b) to do things great and glorious, c) to restrain corrupt desires, d) to bear trials and troubles
    The use of this word in other passages is worth the time to check it out!
    I focused in on the ‘to bear trails and troubles’ part of the definition cause of my personal experiences. I do not remember saying to myself “ I cannot wait to get alone with God to pray for the strength to go through upcoming trails – WAW-WHHOOO!!!!!!!” Rather I prayed “God – get me out of this discomfort, deliver me!-where You at – what are You doing?!? – anybody home?!? – HHEEELLLLOOOOO! – I don’t understand!?!” Not being disrespectful but honest.
    Yet, looking back at it I can honestly I can say His plan was flawless. Definitely not what I would have picked! The Spirit knew what the goal was, knew the path and what I really needed as well as those impacted by my trails and prayed for me. It brought me into His rest and gave me His peace. It helped me ask for just what I needed.
    Now I laugh cause it just further re-enforces how little I control. Thank God!!!!!!! Thanks for another great devotional P. Frank

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