And Elisha said to her, “What shall I do for you? Tell me; what have you in the house?” And she said, “Your servant has nothing in the house except a jar of oil.
2 Kings 4:2

The tension in the middle east in recent days, has caused us all to think about the possible pending oil crisis which will resort in an out of control economy with global ramifications. The truth is that we have an even greater “oil crisis” in the church, a shortage of the oil of the Spirit. In today’s passage, the poor widow had nothing, at least she thought she had nothing, until Elisha started focusing on the jar of oil. She had no idea how valuable that oil was to her, she saw her need but could not see or recognize the supernatural nature of the oil. That is how it is with us many times. We see our problems alright, but remain unaware of the powerful anointing that is ever present with us. Elisha instructed her to “gather vessels, not a few”. That is when the miracle began to happen, that is when the miracles always happen. It was in the pouring out of the oil that she began to discover the oil’s powerful nature. The oil lasted as long as there were empty vessels to pour into, and then it stopped just as quickly as it started.
This story was a very real historic event that met the need of the prophet’s widow. But there was more to the story than that, this was also a parable about the anointing of the Spirit. What do you have in your house? Maybe you think you have nothing of value left in this world, and then you remember the jar of oil. That oil is the most valuable treasure imaginable, and many people treat it as insignificant. Of course this oil is a picture of the anointing of the Spirit. Do you value the Holy Spirit in your life? Do you look past Him for human remedies to your overwhelming problems in life? Like the widow, many times, we are focused on our own needs. Elijah told her to gather up some vessels and then, begin to pour the oil. Of course this is a picture of ministry. We are to take our eyes off of our lack and gather together “empty vessels”, and begin to pour out the oil. As we pour out the oil, the empty vessels are filled, the anointing begins to bring life to the empty vessels all around us. There are hurting people, empty vessels all around you, start pouring out the oil, and as you do, miracles will begin to flow.
What about your lack? Oh yeah, go sell the rest of the oil and pay off your debt. As we pour out the oil our needs seem to be met as well.

3 Replies to “OIL SHORTAGE”

  1. during these times i pray people wake up and see this,many churchs are going on bussines as usesual some are waking up. we tell people to really get to know the lord, draw close to him you will not be forsaken even when every thing is falling apart, dont let it shake you, the lord will be with us,all these things are coming to pass, we live in this time god had us born in this time, his people will continue in this time even if nations fall, wars rage, political coruption, famine earth quakes tornados floods he will be there and bring us threw it all, he will still have his way regardless, look to him no matter what is going on, rest asured he is still in control and will have the final say on all this even though this and more will be happening the holy spirit will lead us in all truth and will comfort us, we are all saying really get close to jesus.

  2. Yes its our job as followers of Christ to pour out our oil, now is the time there’s hurt and broken people all around that need some oil, what are we gonna do about? You deny him he’ll deny you, spread the oil so others can spread there’s. Seeds turn into trees that bear fruit and produce more seeds for more trees with more fruit. Use me Lord.

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