“Be dressed in readiness, and keep your lamps lit. “Be like men who are waiting for their master when he returns from the wedding feast, so that they may immediately open the door to him when he comes and knocks.

Most Christians that I know say that they believe Jesus is coming back in their lifetime. I have always believed that, at least I thought I did. Every few years someone will make a calculation about the date of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. These predictions are usually ignored and if they are not ignored they are usually mocked. This recent prediction by Harold Camping has fallen into the mocking category. All of us, even the non-christians will quote the verse, “No man knows the day or the hour…”, and just laugh about another foolish nut job or make accusations about impure motives. I know because I have done both.
Something happened to me the other day when Parris and I were talking about this recent prediction. We began to say what if this man were right, just pretend he is right, and as I said that something began to happen in our conversation. We began to talk about the “what ifs”, what if this loved one gets left behind, what if one of us gets left behind? What would their life be like if they didn’t make it, what would my life be like if I didn’t make it? Then we began to discuss the possible scenarios with the church and society in general. Suddenly, the coming of Christ became very real in our conversation. As we sat there we became aware of the nearness of heaven and what it would be like, what we would be like in the kingdom of God.
Maybe you say you believe in the imminent return of Jesus, but have you thought about it lately? I mean, have you really thought about it? Have you thought about who will be there and if you will be there? If you think you will make it, do you have a solid answer for why you will be with Him? If the Lord were to ask you today, “Why should I let you into my heaven?”, what would you say? You may technically know the right words to say, but are those words and beliefs real in your heart.
If nothing else, we should be grateful for the insight or the foolishness of Harold Camping. At least he has everyone talking about things that really matter. By the end of the day today we will all know if he was right, hopefully it has caused you to think about eternity, the end of the world, and about your spiritual condition. If one of us don’t make it, it has been good knowing you.


  1. You have been my saving Grace through this entire prediction. The only one with an open heart and Spirit, and many now get to glean from what the Lord has given to you for all who might listen. I get to walk away from this scenario now, spiritually fed and blessed! I am thanking God for blessing me with your ministry!

  2. Ok, if this my last earth day then to the melody of ‘Thanks for the Memories’ by Bob Hope, I sing -Thanks for your daily ‘Happy Meals’, they were bold; non-fat , non carb but ever sooooooo satisfying to my soul………

    Not to change the subject too much Pastor but have you heard they have recently indicted, tried and convicted happy and loving Ronald McDonald of causing America to become fat by stirring up the desire for fast food through the material desire for toys. Funny how there must always be an innocent scapegoat and never is the blame placed on human failings like laziness of not preparing meals and sitting down together as a family without the distractions of material toys……….

  3. I don’t believe that the rapture will happen today but the what ifs surly come into play.It could happen at any moment but this man giving a date and time definitely makes you wait and look in anticipation.that’s how we should be everyday.I feel the end is near and that my five year old won’t see fifteen but my mother in law said that she didn’t think her boys would see high school and they did ..but I do know the natural disaster ect are becoming more frequent and the birth pangs have began.for the first time in my life I’m not scared to die I know where im going as well as my husband and daughter..but it does hit me when I think of my parents and brother not knowing our SAVIOR..guess I gotta get to telling them 😉 and as my hubby says see ya tomm if the rapture doesn’t come if not look for us riding on the white horses we can race 😉

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