John 1:9-13 J.B. Phillips – That was the true light which shines upon every man as he comes into the world. He came into the world – the world he had created – and the world failed to recognize him. He came into his own creation, and his own people would not accept him. Yet wherever men did accept him he gave them the power to become sons of God. These were the men who truly believed in him, and their birth depended not on the course of nature nor on any impulse or plan of man, but on God.

Without God, this is a very dark world. Most people spend their whole life groping through the darkness, trying to find their way through the minefields of life. Have you ever been out in the dark without a light? During my Bible School years, I was part of a tree planting team trying to raise funds for our ministry. We would camp in the forests of the Northwest always several hours from the nearest towns. It was really dark in those woods at night. We had some unusual experiences trying to turn on our lanterns in the middle of the night (I’ll spare you the stories of trying to find the latrine when the lanterns go out). Parris has a story about going to the kitchen tent before daylight, trying to turn on the lantern, only to find the river actually at the edge of the kitchen tent when the lights came on. Not good to be camped on the river when the unexpected floods come. Christ is our Light in the midst of a dark world. When Christ was born, He became the Light to this world. At a horrible time of darkness Christ came, His glory began to penetrate the light. John Gill has some interesting comments about Christ as the Light of the world.

“Christ is that light, that famous and excellent light, the fountain of all light to all creatures; that gave light to the dark earth at first, and spoke light out of darkness; that light of all men in the earth, and of all the angels in heaven, and of all the saints below, and of all the glorified ones above: he is the true light, in distinction from typical lights; the “Urim” of the former dispensation; the candlestick, with the lamps of it; the pillar of fire which directed the Israelites by night in the wilderness; and from all the typical light there was in the institutions and sacrifices of the law.”

Thankfully, we don’t have to wander around in the dark anymore, that is a dangerous way to live. Christ has appeared in these last days and His light is shining. It is shining through the proclamation of His word and is shining through the faces of His sons and daughters. If you feel like you are wandering around in life in need of guidance, turn to the Lord. He will light up your life. Not only will you have clear direction in life, you will also have satisfaction. Light and life are found in Christ.

2 Replies to “LIGHT OF THE WORLD”

  1. only in the lord do we have direction not tossed around even during hard circunmstansas, sometimes we have to wait on the lord but he always will show us and its always what is good, he opens doors and shuts them he has seasons in our lives the best we can do is flow with him as he calls it.

  2. Gods Holy Spirit is so awesome brothers! His guidance is flawless! There isn’t a GPS device in the world that can be his epual! Psalm 27:1-4

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