Psa. 19:1-2 ¶ The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork. Day unto day utters speech, and night unto night shows knowledge.

It is the only right thing to do. When you discover something that is infinitely valuable, it would be an unspeakable sin to keep it to yourself. To find the secret of joy in life, and keep it to yourself would be a heinous crime against man. In the same way, how could God keep silent about His greatness when His greatness is what our hungry hearts are longing for. Jonathan Edwards often spoke about the connection between the Glory of God and the happiness of man. Listen to Edwards classic words about the pursuit of God’s Glory and the satisfaction in our souls.

“God’s end in the creation of the world consists in these two things, to communicate himself and to glorify himself. God created the world to communicate himself, not to receive anything. But such was the infinite goodness of God that it was his will to communicate himself, to communicate of his own glory and happiness; and he made the world to glorify himself, [as it is] fit that God should glorify himself. These two things ought not to be separated when we speak of God’s end in the creation of the world, as the assembly of divines in speaking of the chief end for which man was created have judiciously united glorifying and enjoying God. Indeed, God’s communicating himself and glorifying himself ought not to be looked upon as though they were two distinct ends, but as what together makes one last end, as glorifying God and enjoying
God make one chief end of man. For God glorifies himself in communicating himself, and he communicates himself in glorifying himself. Jesus Christ, and that as God-man, is the grand medium by which God attains his end, both in communicating himself to the creatures and in glorifying himself by the creation. Jesus Christ, as he is become a creature, he is the first of all the creatures, the Head.”

This is the stumbling stone that so many trip over. Somehow man has a hard time connecting the dots between the pursuit of God’s Glory and the pursuit of their own happiness. That is actually the secret to happiness in life. That God Himself is our joy, and true joy is found in the endless pursuit of joy in God. This is quite liberating. Rather than seeking happiness in another bottle of wine, another container of pills, or in the arms of someone who doesn’t belong to you, we can be liberated by God’s love to the greatest of all pursuits. The pursuit of joy in God Himself. This is what the Lord had in mind when He created this amazing universe. He created something that is so far beyond us that we stand in utter silence at the majesty revealed in this awesome thing we call creation. With that always before us, we remember the incredible miracle unveiled when Christ became a man. He brought the pursuit to us. Creator entered into His creation to attract us to this incredible life of pursuit, the pursuit of joy only found in the revelation of God’s Glory.

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  1. Brothers and sisters in Christ my friendship with God is full of never ending joy! I really love it when God brings joy to my heart in a miserable predicament! Job 5:17. James 5:7-11. Proverbs 14:19-21. Isaiah 29:13. Let your heart be lead by Christ! Then you’ll be overflowing with the joy of the Lord!

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