John 7:37 ¶ On the last day of the feast, the great day, Jesus stood up and cried out, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink.

Every one of us are on a lifelong quest for happiness. Most people spend their entire lives searching for an elusive contentment, sadly looking in this present world for a contentment that never seems to come. People all have their favorite places to search, places like sporting events, hobbies, earthly possessions, even human relationships. Some think they may find what they are looking for in careers or accomplishments, still the search continues. Man is looking for something that this present life cannot offer. Our souls are thirsty, but the thirst can only be quenched by Christ Himself. Charles Spurgeon spoke often of this spiritual drink, actually the only drink that can every quench our thirst.

“The sinner must come to Jesus, not to works, ordinances, or doctrines, but to a personal Redeemer, who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree. The bleeding, dying, rising Saviour, is the only star of hope to a sinner. Oh for grace to come now and drink, ere the sun sets …

No waiting or preparation is so much as hinted at. Drinking represents a reception for which no fitness is required. A fool, a thief, a harlot can drink; and so sinfulness of character is no bar to the invitation to believe in Jesus. We want no golden cup, no bejeweled chalice, in which to convey the water to the thirsty; the mouth of poverty is welcome to stoop down and quaff the flowing flood. Blistered, leprous, filthy lips may touch the stream of divine love; they cannot pollute it, but shall themselves be purified. Jesus is the fount of hope. Dear reader, hear the dear Redeemer’s loving voice as he cries to each of us, “If any man thirst let him come unto me and drink”.

Jesus said, if any man thirst. It wasn’t just the righteous or religious, this drink was for anyone. Actually all of us are quite similar. The drug addict is not much different from the businessman, he has just another drug of choice. The homeless man not different from the athlete, they both have the same needs, their search has just led them to different conclusions. Where is your drinking hole today? Are you trying to quench your thirst in your career, with your money, or even family or friends? Christ has created us with a huge capacity for joy. Humans have been created in the image of God and our capacity for pleasure is bigger than you can imagine. Actually it is so big that only eternity can fill it. There is not a drug, a vacation, a pay raise or a human relationship that can ever meet this need in our lives. Like Jesus said, “If anyone is thirsty, come unto Me and drink.” He has living water to give us, the only kind of drink that can satisfy our thirst.

2 Replies to “IF ANY MAN THIRST”

  1. There are times that my sins seem to be in control of my body! But then at the moment of my repentance of them a feeling of heaviness is removed! Even at those times does my spirit still senses Gods Glory! When walking because of a lack of transportation going from point a to b at times my spirit starts singing in tongues! So truly brother God does what he wants!Yes brother he does comfort those who struggle in life! John 14:16;16:8;16:13;14:26;15:26.

  2. I am on the staff of a long-term drug and alcohol faith-based treatment facility. My drug of choice (since being saved, filled and delivered from drugs, smoking and alcohol in the 1970s) is now the New Wine. Teaching these guys the grace of God is mostly what I do. They want to earn their way, which only leads to bondage, fear, and the vortex of drugs. Hallelujah! There is a “drink” which will cause you to be satiated, and if you choose to abide there, in that place in Him, will actually protect you from all of your enemies.

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