Rom. 11:36 ¶ For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen.

The more you immerse yourself into God’s Word, the more you will come to the conclusion that it is all about Him. Creation is about Him, redemption is about Him, our purpose in life is about Him, even our joy is deeply connected to God’s Glory. He is the reason all things exist, as Paul said, “from Him and through Him and to Him” are all things. He is the first and the last. Our salvation is all about the Glory of God. Our testimony is intended to magnify God’s grace. His goodness displayed toward me is how others are attracted to Him. Jonathan Edwards brought this out when he described God’s glory seen in the bride of Christ. Check out his thoughts on the glory of God seen in the redemption of fallen man.

“Question- What is this one great design that God has in view in all his works and dispensations?

Ans. ‘Tis to present to his Son a spouse in perfect glory from amongst sinful, miserable mankind, blessing all that comply with his will in this matter and destroying all his enemies that oppose it, and so to communicate and glorify himself through Jesus Christ, God-man. This I take to be the great design of the work of creation [and the] work of providence. God has appointed but one head of the whole creation, and that one head is Jesus Christ, God-man: “head over all things to the church” (Ephesians 1:22); one head to both angels and men, Ephesians 1:10, “all things in Christ.” The one grand medium by which he glorifies himself in all is Jesus Christ, God-man. All the tribute of his glory comes through his hands; in this eminent manner does the Son glorify the Father, which is what Christ has respect [to in] John 17:1, “Father, glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee.” “The only begotten that is in the bosom of the Father, he it is that declares the Father” (John 1:18). This person who is the “brightness of his glory” [Hebrews 1:3] is he by whom God’s glory shines forth, or by whom God has his declarative glory both in heaven and earth. ‘Tis by this one grand medium that God communicates himself to all his elect creatures in heaven and earth: all fullness dwells [in Christ], a fullness not only to fill man but to fill angels. Ephesians 4:10, “fill all things.”

What an amazing plan, the Lord has not forgotten anything. He has gone to great measures to redeem a remnant of the fallen human race. He could have easily wiped us out and started over. Instead, He game up with an elaborate plan that would save our lost race and at the same time, show forth the great glory of His grace revealed through Jesus Christ. His plans are past finding out. So in case you haven’t figured it out yet, your happiness is God’s greatest tool of advertisement. When He is enough for us, we are satisfied and He is glorified.


  1. It sure is a blessing just to enjoy the Lord for who he is! that we are with him set aside from every thing else, the world evil ruleing in our lives passed over to his rightousness and love, he makes us right by his love not anything we deserve, thank him today you are with him, I pray to stay close to him, not lose my first love, he loved us first, we didnt love him in our worldly state we were in before any of us came to know him, We can really know we love him if we are submitted from our intermost beings to him in all, and its him that helps us even in this, not mighty deeds we think of or anything for any reason but by submission out of love, Jesus was like this, and still is, he lived to please the Father, totally submitted to the Father loved his Father was one with him , now because of this and his sacrifice we are now one with the Father threw Jesus, unselfishly he gave, he even asked the Father is there another way? but said never the less not my will but yours, he didnt want to suffer the pain but he endured it being the obnly way so we could have salvation, He is the number one hero for doing this for us of all time! now we can go before Gods throne , anything we ask according to Gods will will be given us, his children we are set s aside for his enjoyment and purpose called out no longer the worlds but his, im so glad god calls a peculiar people most of us are, we are so differnt from each other but one in cChrist and unified only in him and because of him, the early church was like this so many kinds of people differnt customs and backgrounds and as right now this still is true, but when we have Jesus we are one! being a country boy i can have fellowship with a ceo. and enter in hith this person or any brother or sister one with them and with the lord and only because of the lord we now are a people of one heart and one mind in the Holy Spirit, the Lord always had a people like this around all threw history his people his children is every thing to him

  2. God is a never ending source of energy that is constantly amazing me! He is overflowing with love,wisdom,truth,peace,fire,and etc! I always want more of his presence in my life!psalm8:1;113:4.ephesians3:11-21.

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