Heb. 10:19-22 ¶ Therefore, brethren, since we have confidence to enter the holy place by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way which He inaugurated for us through the veil, that is, His flesh, and since we have a great priest over the house of God, let us draw near…

This verse became one of my favorites during one of my tree planting trips back in the 1970’s. We had a rare day off (I think it was too warm to plant trees that day) and we went into Coos Bay, Oregon to waste some time. I wandered into a book store and picked up a small book called “Let Us Draw Nigh” by Andrew Murray that was based on today’s text. That little book profoundly effected my life. In it, Murray described a “deeper life” available to us, a life “behind the veil”. He explained that most Christians never experience this life in the Spirit because they never pass through the veil of flesh to the pentecostal life found in the Holiest of all. Here is a short quote from that powerful little book.

“Many believers never in experience enter into this life of the inner sanctuary, the more complete and abiding nearness to God. They have, in the outer court, seen the altar, and received the pardon of sin; they have entered upon the service of God, they seek to do His will, but the joy of His presence as their abiding portion they know not. And very often they do not know that there is a better life, that there is an entering within the veil, a real dwelling in the secret of God’s presence; the need that the Holy Spirit signify to them, work in them the conviction that to them the way into the Holiest is not yet been made manifest. They need – oh let us, if we have not yet entered in, let us give ourselves to pray for – the discovery that there is an inner chamber; that there is still the veil of flesh, the life of the carnal Christian, that prevents the access; that only the possession of the Pentecostal blessing, the Spirit that came from the throne when Jesus rent the veil, that reveals Him and links to Him, is what will bring us in.”

What a powerful phrase, “the joy of His presence as their abiding portion”. Do you know the joy of His presence? Have you ever experienced the life available to us that is seen as God’s glory in the Holiest of all in the tabernacle?
After I got that little book that day I couldn’t put in down. I read it and reread it, I was beginning to experience the power of His presence in a very real way in my life. I can remember having a new awareness and appreciation of God’s presence for the rest of that tree-planting trip. You may not know how significant that was! Our circumstances, camping in the coastal mountains of Oregon in the winter, were quite uninviting. His presence changed my focus. Instead of examining and reexamining my problems, I was entering into the Holiest of all.


  1. Growing up in the Catholic faith, going to Catholic schools thru high school, even being involved in CYO (catholic youth organization) I had experienced a few intimate times with God, where I went beyond a memorized prayer to a conversation where I opened up the thoughts in my heart and talked to my God. Although at the time what I knew about Him was mostly in my memory as learned past history, there was a longing some where inside me to experience a real connection with who I believed was the Creator of all things. I remember too having a new awareness and appreciation of God’s presence the very first time I attended church at Victory. I had never considered attending any other church, and actually at that point wasn’t regularly attending the one I was raised in. The thing that got to me the most that day was listening to the worship. I personally liked in the Catholic church mass, when they would allow the CYO to lead worship. Nothing against organs and 300 year old songs, but I connected better with something new. Hearing a band in church, hearing almost everyone singing, the melody’s, the different instruments, the clapping and dancing songs, the love songs, This was my all access pass to God, and I knew it right away. It drew me closer to God, caused me to want to be born again and filled with The Holy Spirit. I thank God for my church, for my pastors who recognized the importance of praise and worship to people like me and thousands of other in the New Orleans area have walked thru those doors and found a way to be more intimate with our God

  2. Good evening O’ Great Lord of Hosts! Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ for having prayed to your Father to send us another comforter! The Holy Spirit is such an awesome counselor!

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