Gen. 37:3 ¶ Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age. Also he made him a tunic of many colors.

This Old Testament story is one of my favorites. It a great picture of God’s calling, His sovereignty, forgiveness, and the power of visions and dreams. Children in Sunday School all over the world have heard the incredible story of Joseph and his multi-colored coat. In 1994 this coat took on a whole new meaning in my life. I began to see that Joseph’s coat was a picture of the anointing of the Holy Spirit that had been placed upon his life. God had a great plan for Joseph, there would be numerous twists and turns along the way. Joseph would need supernatural power upon his life in order to complete the plans God had for him.
What changed in my life in 1994 was this, I experienced a new encounter with the Holy Spirit, actually He placed a fresh coat of His anointing upon my life. I had heard about a revival that had been breaking out in various locations around the country and I made my way to one of the churches that had been experiencing this fresh outpouring of the Spirit. I spent about a week sitting in services day and night, that alone was a new experience for me. After that week of meetings I began to recognize a new presence had invaded my life. I wasn’t aware of the long term implications at the time but I had received a new mantle. My Father in heaven had made a multi-colored coat just for me, I was about to begin the adventure of my life.
As we already know, Joseph’s life changed radically after he put on his father’s coat. The first thing that happened was that he stepped into the realm of supernatural, prophetic dreams. The Lord began to speak to Joseph about His plans for his life as he was caught up into this realm of dreams and visions. In the same way I began to experience a new awareness of the prophetic anointing in my life. Often times I would start to preach and an unprecedented prophetic anointing would begin to fall on me. I had prophesied often before but this was different, this was much stronger than anything I had experienced before.
The next thing that happened to Joseph was that his brothers began to hate him because of this prophetic mantle upon his life. People in the world often become quite hostile to the things of the Spirit. In a similar way, I also began to experience persecution from my ministry friends. Surprisingly, not everyone in the ministry is that excited when the anointing actually shows up.
Finally, this mantle carried Joseph to the fulfillment of God’s plans for his life. It took him through slavery and prison but he ended up prime minister in Egypt. For me, I’m still riding this anointing wherever it takes me. So far it has taken me into some amazing places with amazing results, only eternity will tell the story of the coat my Father gave me.



    Let me shout a huge, loud, Hallelujah, thank you Father for my new coat with tassels on it and the anoiting, ha, i will also wear my new coat my Father gave me 24/7 all the days of the hours, minutes weeks , months, years, Hallelujah. Thank you Jesus, Holy Spirit guide me where I need to go. I’m so.excited, never know what’s going to happen. New day, fresh anoiting daily, new fresh air to breath daily, NEW day, New everything, Glory, Honor and Praise to Him. It’s so amazing might have something planned and the plan might get changed, ha, its all for His Glory. I yield to you Lord I listen to you what ever it may be. Let me fulfill your works and plans. Blessings Pastor Frank, with Love. My NEW COAT MY FATHER GAVE ME IS VERY POWERFUL, HALLELUJAH, ONE POWERFUL COAT.

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