Heb. 7:25 Therefore He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.

I love to ponder the heavenly ministry of Jesus. Many don’t have a practical understanding of the important role His present day ministry plays in our lives. His work on earth was preparatory, His work in heaven brings us into the vital intimacy of what He purchased through His death. Paul called Him our High Priest, our Heavenly Intercessor. The Apostle John called Him our Advocate or Paraclete. In today’s verse, Paul describes the powerful effect His heavenly ministry has on us. He says He saves us to the uttermost. The word save refers to wholeness or completion. The word uttermost actually has two shades of meaning. Here is how Wuest describes the double meaning of this powerful word.
“The word “uttermost” is the translation of panteles which is made up of pas “all,” and telos “end, termination.” Thus, we have a two-dimensional salvation spoken of here. By reason of Messiah’s eternal ministry as High Priest, He is able to save the believer in his totality of being, body, soul, and spirit, and do all that to the point of termination, an unending state of salvation in eternity.”
Did you get that. First, it refers to the totality of our salvation. We are utterly made whole and delivered from sin and its consequences. Secondly, we are save eternally. This salvation, or wholeness will last forever. It is final and eternal at the same time. Adam Clarke brings out another interesting aspect to this salvation to the uttermost. He says it saves us in the midst of all situations. Christ overcomes every resistance and stronghold we may face. Here is Clarke on this verse.

“Because he is an everlasting priest, and has offered the only available sacrifice, he is able to save, from the power, guilt, nature, and punishment of sin, to the uttermost, to all intents, degrees, and purposes; and always, and in and through all times, places, and circumstances; for all this is implied in the original word: but in and through all times seems to be the particular meaning here, because of what follows, he ever liveth to make intercession for them; this depends on the perpetuity of his priesthood, and the continuance of his mediatorial office.”
So whatever you have done, wherever you have been, or whatever you are facing; the love of Christ seen in Christ’s work as our Heavenly High Priest is more than sufficient. He saves us all to the uttermost.

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