Ps. 78:19

Yes, they spoke against God:
They said, “Can God prepare a table in the wilderness?”
There was no way to explain what had happened that day, five thousand men (plus women and children) had eaten lunch, not to even mention the twelve baskets of leftovers. All that was available was a little boy’s lunch, five small fish and two loaves of bread. This miracle defines the meaning of blessing, there is no other way to explain it.

This miracle actually inspired our annual Feed the Multitudes event. Our church and many of our members were in need of a financial miracle back when it all started in 1990. The government wasn’t going to bail us out and no rich people were offering help. I remember going to a bank for financial help and the banker wouldn’t consider a loan but he offered free advice. What he said was that I should do a large advertising campaign; billboards, television, etc. That brought me back to the same question, who will pay for this campaign? Next, one of my pastors sat me down and said to me “Pastor, you need to start a group exclusively for the wealthy”. The banker’s suggestion, the staff member’s plea, none of it rang true to me. That’s when I felt the “still small voice” nudging me, “reach out to the needy, that’s where the blessing is”. That’s how Feed the Multitudes began. Here is what Watchman Nee says about God’s blessing.
“Our one fundamental need is the blessing of God upon our life. What do we mean by blessing? It is the working of God when there is nothing to account for His working. We calculate that a dollar should buy a dollar’s worth but if we have not paid our dollar, and God has given us ten thousand dollar’s worth, then we have no basis for our calculations. When God spreads for us a table in the wilderness, when five loaves provide food for five thousand and leave twelve baskets of fragments, that is blessing! Blessing is fruit all out of relation to what we are. It comes when God works completely beyond our understanding, for His name’s sake.”
So that brings us back to the little boy and his lunch. You will never understand this story until you see yourself as that little boy. The need is great, your need may be greater, but seeing your lunch in His hands changes everything. That’s when Jesus looks to the Father and asks for His blessing, this blessing is what changes your whole world.


  1. We sure know how to come up with some junk at desperate times. The pressure always tries to push us towards the easiest path to a solution, and the truth is, we can be lazy, especially taking on challenging circumstances. Sin and compromise lay in wait for the inexperienced, not realizing they are striving in their own strength. Many good intentioned people have lost years of their lives because of choices they have made (mostly because they did not want to wait on God for their solution) Wisdom and patience go hand in hand, it never hurts to get others opinions when we are desperate, because perhaps God will use them to show us the way, but when all else alludes us, its probably God checking to see if we will wait on Him and isn’t He always on time, always!

  2. He asks us to give what we hold in our hand, that peanut butter sandwich that is at best a meager lunch for one and in return He gives us two boxes of good old New Orleans groceries we would not even imagine we could get because of where we are, far far from our natural home.
    It is like He says “Trust me and empty your hands and I will give you something far far better then you are hoping for, L promise!”

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