Psa. 120:2 Deliver my soul, O LORD, from lying lips
And from a deceitful tongue.
Psa. 120:7 I am for peace;

But when I speak, they are for war.
Has anyone spread lies or criticism about you. David knew what that was like, he was often criticized by his enemies. That is never fun. Words can be as painful as a physical wounds. The old sticks and stones thing sounds good but it is simply not true. Mean spirited words can get inside us, wound us, and effect our lives profoundly for years. David learned how to deal with these verbal onslaughts, he poured out his feelings to the Lord. You can be brutally honest with God, He knows our heart anyway and expressing our feelings to Him can be quite therapeutic. It is often in these seasons of prayer you will see two things; God has your back and justice always comes. Here are some thoughts from Josh Moody on these verses.
“Yes, he is on the journey, but still at the end he has made a highly significant, life-changing discovery. He says, “I am for peace” or literally, “I peace” or “I shalom.” He has realized the shalom of God, so his disposition to these invaders who have labeled him and lied about him and put him in a relational trap is now one of peace. He is leaving it up to God now. Any response he makes to their slander is now not vengeful but peaceful, for their good. That has not changed who they are yet. They are still for war. But he has left them in God’s hands and taken the most important step in dealing with lies and slander, which is to be in the right place himself before God. He is no longer defined by the lies that people say about him. He is defined by the truth of what God says about him. He knows he cannot control their response. He has left that between them and God. He has given up his right to play judge, jury, and executioner all rolled into one.”
The Psalmist came to a place in prayer where he was not only at peace he declared “I am peace”. God’s touch can be quite reassuring, His peace goes beyond our circumstances to the very center of the struggle, our heart. Bring your complaints to the Lord and you too will taste His shalom.

4 thoughts on “GOSSIP AND BETRAYAL”

  1. kevin falgoust



  2. This is so true! It can be a tough thing to feel the brunt of this effect staring back at you in the face of another who otherwise would have no cause for quarrel with you. With my very utmost I try to judge nothing before its time. God is just and merciful. Heaven’s rejoicing intensifies as the battle becomes more fierce and the acute hear it. God’s very own Colosseum!

  3. Jane Lapeyrouse

    This blog was such a blessing. I could truly relate to that scripture. But the peace from God sustained me. Thank You Jesus.

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