Mk.1:21,22 – TPT – “Then Jesus and his disciples went to Capernaum, and he immediately started teaching on the Sabbath day in the synagogue. The people were awestruck and overwhelmed by his teaching, because he taught in a way that demonstrated God’s authority, which was quite unlike the religious scholars.”

Who can comprehend the power and glory of His words. When someone said, “No one ever spoke like this man” it had to be the greatest understatement of all time. Think about the power of His words. “He spoke let there be light”, and there was 200 billion galaxies formed in an instant. We live in one of those galaxies, the Milky Way, which has 200 billion stars of its own. His words are like Him, limitless. Even when He came to the earth cloaked in the humility of a human body His words were charged with power. His words opened blind eyes, cleansed lepers, opened deaf ears, healed paralyzed limbs, and even raised people from the dead. His words enter into our hearts and we are born again, awakened from our sleep of death, and brought into a new kind of life. No one ever spoke like this man. Here is a short word study from the Passion Translation notes on today’s verse on the impact His word had upon His hearers.

“The Greek word used here, ekplesso, is a strong verb that means “awestruck, filled with amazement, astonished, panic stricken, something that takes your breath away (being hit with a blow), to be shocked, to expel, to drive out.” Clearly, Jesus spoke with such glory and power emanating from him that his words were like thunderbolts in their hearts. May we hear his words in the same way today.”

The amazing thing is that His written word is still having life altering impacts on anyone who gives heed to His words. Just like those in the synagogue that day who were smitten by His words, I was smitten by His words spoken through a teenager almost fifty years ago. I have to say I was awestruck as His words entered my heart and infused me with new life. The same word that formed the galaxies with one breath birthed new life in me. Still today, every time I read His word I have to say I am awestruck at its weightiness. Some may still be spiritually deaf, but to those who have ears to hear there is no sweeter sound that the words of our Lord.

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