Heb.8:1 – Now this is the crowning point of what we are saying: We have a magnificent King-Priest who ministers for us at the right hand of God. He is enthroned with honor next to the throne of the Majesty on high.

There are certain seasons in our lives when the Lord may bring fresh revelations of Christ to lead us along our journey. One of those moments happened for me on a rare day off on a tree planting trip in Coos Bay, Washington. We were dropped off in town for the day and Parris and I found our way to a Bible book store on Main Street. That’s where I picked up a copy of “LET US DRAW NIGH”, an excerpt of Andrew Murray’s classic work, “THE HOLIEST OF ALL”. It was in reading this book that I began to catch my first look at Christ in His heavenly ministry. I have used this book as my primary text to teach the book of Hebrews in Bethesda Bible College for many years. Here is the beginning of this in a nutshell; Christ is exalted as a man to the right hand of God to minister for us and to us. He is our Mediator, High Priest, Intercessor, Advocate, and Baptizer in the Holy Spirit. Murray calls Him the Minister of the heavenly sanctuary. Check out this clip from “THE HOLIEST OF ALL”.

“Personal, direct fellowship with God: this is the crowning blessing of the new covenant… Christ hath redeemed us, not to bring us to Himself, but to bring us to God. He is the door, in which we are not to remain standing, but through which we enter to God Himself, to His heart and His love. God, having spoken in past times in the prophets, hath now spoken in His Son; in Him there is an immediate living fellowship with the living God. All that the Epistle has to teach of the rending of the veil, and our boldness in the blood, and the entrance into the Holiest of All —it has all to do with this one thing, direct personal living fellowship with the living God. As the Minister of the true sanctuary Jesus sends the Spirit from thence to do the work He has in our heart…”

This is the main point of the blood of Jesus being shed on the cross and the heavenly work of Christ. His whole goal was to bring us to God. Today we can draw near in boldness. We are no longer far off but we can live our lives immersed in His glorious presence.

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  1. This would be like telling a New Orleans kid, you can enter Ponchartrain Beach amusement park free anytime you want, (back in the day) Unlimited excitement and pleasure!

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