Mk.5:22,23 – Just then, a man saw that it was Jesus, so he pushed through the crowd and threw himself down at his feet. His name was Jairus, a Jewish official who was in charge of the synagogue. He pleaded with Jesus, saying over and over, “Please come with me! My little daughter is at the point of death, and she’s only twelve years old! Come and lay your hands on her and heal her and she will live!”

Jairus really liked his life. He was a family man and loved his wife and kids. He enjoyed his prominent position in town; head of the synagogue, doesn’t get much better than that. He loved the political and economic benefits that came with the position, he loved the respect and recognition that it demanded, he probably enjoyed the hustle and bustle of his town, especially talking with the town’s people at the market.

Then there was the darker side of this job that Jairus cherished. You know what I mean, the list! The list of the followers of the prophet from Nazareth that were no longer welcome in the synagogue. Jairus was surely part of the making of the list, also probably the keeper and enforcer of the list. These two parts of his job were about to collide in a very uncomfortable situation that caused Jairus to make an uncomfortable decision.

The joy of Jairus’s life, his twelve year old daughter was sick and at the point of death. By a divine coincidence Jesus Himself arrived in his town at that precise moment. Jairus was now incredibly conflicted, “should I hold my course against this prophet? If I do my precious daughter certainly will die. Or should I humble myself and go to Jesus? My position will be certainly gone but maybe my daughter will be healed.”

Before he could finish the argument in his brain Jairus was on his face pleading with Jesus to come to his house and heal his daughter. Jairus came out of the shadows and risked everything in this life to gain everything in the next life.

All of us find ourself in that crazy predicament Jairus found himself in from time to time. Should I agree with the status quo, the antichrist spirit that dominates the world? Or should I risk my reputation and status in this life to secure the next one? I think the choice is a no brainer, I’ll join Jairus at Jesus’s feet.

3 thoughts on “LIFE DEFINING CHOICE”

  1. A similar choice to all our outside in October, Sunday services alter call responders. When we find ourselves enveloped in His presence, (its so very unmistakable) everything else fades in reverence, yes even all the top of our list priorities, in comparison, become foolishness. What a beautiful thing, our first visit behind the veil.

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