Jn.11:25 – Martha,” Jesus said, “You don’t have to wait until then. I am the Resurrection, and I am Life Eternal. Anyone who clings to me in faith, even though he dies, will live forever.

There are several people raised from the dead in the Bible. Elijah and Elisha each raised a widow’s son back from the dead in very similar stories. A man was actually raised from the dead when he was buried in Elisha’s tomb. No sooner did his lifeless body touch Elisha’s bones that he was restored to life, he actually jumped back out of the tomb. There were at least three raised from the dead in the ministry of Jesus. There is the widow of Nain’s son, Jairus’s daughter, and the most famous of all, Lazarus. Each of these were incredible miracles but can’t really qualify as resurrections. All of these folks who were raised from the dead returned to face death again later in life. Of course Jesus was raised from the dead also. The difference with Him is that He was raised up in His new eternal body; the others were raised in their mortal bodies. Those raised from the dead before the death and resurrection of Christ all eventually died. Their being raised up was a picture of the miracle life that is available to us now and will increase in eternity. Here is how Brian Simmons describes today’s verse.

“Resurrection is superior to life, for life can be defeated and ended. But resurrection overcomes. Life is the power to exist, but resurrection is the power to conquer all, even death itself. Believers must learn to live in Christ our Life, but also, Christ our Resurrection to conquer all things.”

Raising people from the dead by the power of God gives us a glimpse at the power of the resurrection Spirit available to us. We are actually raised up from spiritual death by the power of the Spirit. The same Spirit that raised Jesus up from the dead dwells in us now. This Spirit changes us into new creatures and empowers us to live a different kind of life. Once, we were dead in our sins and trapped by the spirit of the world. Today we have been made free. This Spirit effects our bodies; Paul says this presence within heals us from physical and emotional sickness. This Spirit also empowers us for ministry; Jesus even went as far as to say our works would surpass His.

Each one of these miracles in the Bible pictures the power of God working in us. Not only does the Spirit of Resurrection raise people from the dead, it also makes dead people live a whole new kind of life.


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