John 15:2 – and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.

One of the dangers of being used by the Lord is complacency. We tend to compare ourselves with others and sometimes come to the conclusion that we are doing pretty good. At Victory we could look back at revivals with salvations of years gone by, the thousands touched by Feed the Multitudes or Beyond the Grave, or the tremendous fruit we have seen from Mary’s Song and say we are okay, we are doing pretty good. That is not the lesson Jesus taught in this verse. He told His disciples that if they were seeing fruit in their ministries and lives that they should not be satisfied, the Lord is looking for more fruit. Here is how Andrew Murray describes this.

“More Fruit–The word comes with divine authority to search and test our life: the true disciple will heartily surrender himself to its holy light, and will earnestly ask that God Himself may show what there may be lacking in the measure or the character of the fruit he bears. Do let us believe that the Word is meant to lead us on to a fuller experience of the Father’s purpose of love, of Christ’s fullness, and of the wonderful privilege of bearing much fruit in the salvation of men.
More Fruit–The word is a most encouraging one. Let us listen to it. It is just to the branch that is bearing fruit that the message comes: more fruit. God does not demand this as Pharaoh the task-master, or as Moses the lawgiver, without providing the means. He comes as a Father, who gives what He asks, and works what He commands. He comes to us as the living branches of the living Vine, and offers to work the more fruit in us, if we but yield ourselves into His hands. Shall we not admit the claim, accept the offer, and look to Him to work it in us?”

There was a one word prayer that we used to cry out to the Lord in the outpouring of 1994, “More, Lord!!!” This prayer often took on two meanings. We were crying for more of Him but at the same time I think the Lord was crying through us, “More, more fruit”. Today, thousands, no millions of souls, are groping through life with no sense of hope and no knowledge of God. The fields are white unto harvest – the Lord is calling for fruit bearers. More Lord!!! More fruit in our lives.

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