America has elected Barack Obama as its new president.  The most obvious result is that our country has elected its first African-American President.  This could prove to be a great encouragement to African Americans of future generations, that in America your dreams can come true.


The other reality is that we have elected a president with controversial and unscriptural views on many areas.  Of course, Pres. Elect Obama is a strong supporter of abortion rights.  He has even supported the right to have an abortion in the third trimester of a pregnancy.  This is obviously against the clear teachings of the Bible.  Secondly, Pres. Elect Obama has a very unbiblical view when it comes to sex between members of the same gender.  This is clearly against the direct teaching of the scripture.  He even wants to include children’s books which are promoting a homosexual lifestyle into our public elementary schools curriculum.


We are presently observing the secularization of our society.  Our culture and laws have been framed by the word of God.  Our country is the great result of the protestant reformation.  At the present rate, we will be the same as Europe in the next generation, a godless, secular society.


Our hope is in the plans of God.  I believe we are nearing a great move of the spirit, probably the greatest move of our generation.  When we see the events unfold in our world we should rejoice, our redemption is drawing near.  Luke 21:28


We should pray for our new president.  He has been placed in office by the hand of God.  Daniel 2:21 The Lord will orchestrate His plans through our new president.  God will be glorified—He always is. 


Pastor Frank