Ps.28:7 – The LORD is my strength and my shield;

My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped;

Therefore my heart exults,

And with my song I shall thank Him.

All of us need help, acknowledging that is the only way to get it. The Lord is our helper and stands with us in whatever comes down the road in our day to day activities. In today’s verse David describes the supernatural joy he experienced by the anointing that was resting on his life. Too often, our so called spiritual accomplishments, can lead us to a case of the “big head syndrome”. When we acknowledge that it all flows from Him and back to Him again, God receives the honor and glory, we experience the blessing of being used by the Lord. Knowing Him personally puts you in touch with His continual help. He is our Helper in every aspect of our lives. Here are some thoughts from Spurgeon on today’s verse.

“Every day the believer may say, “I am helped, “for the divine assistance is vouchsafed us every moment, or we should go back unto perdition; when more manifest help is needed, we have but to put faith into exercise, and it will be given us. Therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him. The heart is mentioned twice to show the truth of his faith and his joy. Observe the adverb “greatly, “we need not be afraid of being too full of rejoicing at the remembrance of grace received. We serve a great God, let us greatly rejoice in him. A song is the soul’s fittest method of giving vent to its happiness, it were well if we were more like the singing lark, and less like the croaking raven. When the heart is glowing, the lips should not be silent. When God blesses us, we should bless him with all our heart.”

In Christianity it is recognizing your weakness and not your strength that is critical. Thinking that “we have this” leads us into pride on one side or failure and depression on the other. Knowing your weakness puts you in a place of dependency on the Lord for His help. David had seen the Lord as His help when defending sheep, fighting the Philistines, running for his life from Saul, writing his Psalms, reigning as king, and avoiding the mine fields of betrayal. The same God who helped David defeat the giant is your help when facing all the giants in our world.