Rev. 14:3 – And they were singing a wonderful new song before the throne, in front of the four living creatures, and in front of the twenty-four elders.

Singing is a gift given to us by the Lord. Singing is obviously the release of the emotions of our heart. That’s why they always say “you have to pay your dues if you want to sing the blues”. So singing is the release of our sorrow, our joy, faith, or really anything that we are experiencing in life. Singing the new song of the Lord is literally a taste of heaven (I emphasize the word literal). So when someone is filled with God their cup overflows with joy. Often our joy is released in beautiful songs of joy. The heavenly song is saturated with life. Everyone who embraces this song is filled to overflowing and becomes a participant in singing the songs of the Lord. Here is how Jonathan Edwards responds to this passage.

“The singing of songs is used as a token of mirth and rejoicing. Singing and rejoicing are wont to go together. When carnal persons meet together to sing songs, it is in token of carnal mirth. But there is no joy like that which is expressed in singing this new song…..The melody is pleasant to the angels, and pleasant to the Lamb of God, and pleasant to him that sits upon the throne, and most pleasant to the soul that makes the melody. The act of praise is an abundant reward to itself. He that sings it has communion with God in it, for in the same time that there flows a stream of love out of the heart towards God, there flows a more full stream of love from God into the soul. At the same time that he praises God with a sweet voice, Christ with a sweeter voice speaks peace to the soul and manifests his love to it.”

Next time you go to church make a real attempt to hear His voice. He is present in His gatherings and He loves to minister to each of us. There is a supernatural joy that hovers in the midst of God’s people. As we sing the new song of the Lord spontaneously and corporately the presence of the Lord comes and hovers in our midst. He is setting us apart by His love so that we can glorify God in the world that’s confused and hurting. Maybe you are the vessel He wants to use in these last days.


Rev.14:2 – And I heard a voice from heaven like the roar of many waters and like the sound of loud thunder. The voice I heard was like the sound of harpists playing on their harps,

Life carries within itself a rhythm or a melody. Each city has a feel or rhythm about it, it is no different with the city of the Lord. Take New Orleans for example, you can spot a local a mile off. I have lived in New Orleans for about fifty of my sixty seven years. I have pretty much become a part of the city but there is still a distinct difference when you meet someone who has been in a New Orleans family that has been here for generations. New Orleans is literally in their blood. This new song that John is speaking of can only be sung by citizens of the heavenly city. Being born again is how you become part of the population of the New Jerusalem. When that happens the life that enters you brings you into the rhythm and harmony with the heavenly company, then and then only can you begin to sing the new song. Here is how Jonathan Edwards describes this mystery.

“There must be an ability to sing. Not only the matter of the song must be learnt, but also the music of the song. But the music of this tune consists in the melody of the heart…..As in order to learn the music of other songs, the voice must be tuned, so in order to learn the music of this song, the heart must be tuned. The music of this new song consists in holy admiration, in exalting thoughts of the glory of God and the Lamb and the great things of the gospel; and in divine love, in loving God for his excellency appearing in the face of Christ, in holy rejoicing in God and in delight and complacence of the soul in Jesus, whereby we, having not seen him, do love him and “rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory”. They that are unacquainted with this spiritual melody, they can’t learn to sing that new song.”

So has your heart been tuned to the heavenly song. You must have the substance of the song, the gospel of Jesus Christ in your heart. You also need the melody of the song which is the work of the Spirit. It’s impossible to fake it, the locals will see phonies a mile away.