O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water.
Psalm 63:1

Have you ever been thirsty? I know we get thirsty everyday, but have you ever been really thirsty? I can remember being really thirsty one hot summer afternoon in New Orleans. I had recently started cycling for exercise. My normal time to ride was in the morning but I had gone with a friend for a long ride that afternoon and it was hot even by New Orleans standards. After about 15 miles we ran out of our water supply (we had another 15 miles back to the car). When we started having cold sweats on that hot afternoon we realized something was wrong. Thankfully we found a store with a hose (hose water had never tasted so good). When you get really thirsty everything else takes a back seat, you will do almost anything to get a drink. Living in this crazy world can be compared to that bike ride on a hot summer afternoon. If that describes your life, you need to have a drink. That is what David was singing about in this psalm. He was spiritually thirsty and he had to have a drink. Charles Spurgeon has some interesting observations about thirst in his comments about this verse.

“My soul thirsteth for thee. Thirst is an insatiable longing after that which is one of the most essential supports of life; there is no reasoning with it, no forgetting it, no despising it, no overcoming it by stoical indifference. Thirst will be heard; the whole man must yield to its power; even thus is it with that divine desire which the grace of God creates in regenerate men; only God himself can satisfy the craving of a soul really aroused by the Holy Spirit.”

Have you become aware of the thirst in your soul? The grace of God awakens our hearts until we become aware of our spiritual need. All of us are in a long spiritual race, we have to have a CONSTANT water supply because of the conditions of the world and the length of our journey. Go ahead, have a drink, have a drink of LIVING WATER. Just like Jesus said, if you drink this LIVING WATER you will never thirst again.



For unto us a Child is born,
Unto us a Son is given;
And the government will be upon His shoulder.
And His name will be called
Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
Isa. 9:6

Jesus came to bring peace to the earth, but not the kind of peace most people would think. Actually, His life brought anything but peace in the natural world. All but one of His twelve disciples died a martyr’s death. Christ Himself was hated more than any man who has ever lived. Families have been split up, wars have been fought, His life has brought anything but peace to this world. What kind of peace did Christ come to bring? He brought peace that comes from forgiveness of sins. He brought peace that comes from resigning to His sovereign plan. He brought peace that comes from deliverance from the foolish pleasures of this world. He is the Prince of Peace to those who have embraced His love. Here is another one of my Christmas poems, I hope you enjoy it.


Restless heart you struggle so
Searching for repose
Looking for that place of rest
That rest man seldom knows

Lonely heart-Your grieving so
When will the sadness end
You get back up- to face the world
To just fall back again

Anxious Heart-You worry so
Your trust seems far away
Who can you trust when things go wrong
Who will you trust today

Ambitious heart – it never ends
Will there ever be a time
When you can stop this torrid rush
And place your hand in mine

Hungry heart has found its food
To still this longing soul
To satisfy the heart of man
To make the sinner whole

In Bethlehem the house of bread
Not far from Calvary
I gave my life for you my son
That you could feast on me

Today, your search for peace can be over, we can find our rest in Him. Remember the famous words of Augustine, “Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in Thee”. You can come to Bethlehem today and feast on the Bread that comes from heaven. This is the place of rest. In the world there is no peace, but there is an amazing peace found in Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.


Recently, there was a great stir with the meetings in Lakeland, Florida conducted by Todd Bentley.  Thousands of believers came hungry for revival from all over the nation and various parts of the world.


As stories of these meetings began to spread rapidly all of us began to wonder could this be another wave of revival?


For those of you that know me, my life and ministry has been dedicated to the move of the Holy Spirit.  I would give almost anything to see a “move of the Spirit”.  I would give almost anything, but not anything.


When we hear reports of a move of God we should check things out before we embrace them.  What should we check out?


First, we should check out the life and lifestyle of those leading the move.  Redemption from sin is what we are about, but what is the testimony of the leaders of the move.  Have they lived an upstanding life after conversion and especially after they began their ministry.


Secondly, does the message line up with the teachings of the Word of God?  Alarms should begin to go off in us when there is an unhealthy emphasis on what people have experienced rather than God’s word and God Himself.  We must insist on a proper doctrinal emphasis and not some fringe element teachings.  Jesus must be central to everything—not visions, angels or anything else.  Of course, I believe in (and have experienced) visions, and also the ministry of angels, but they are not our message.  I believe in prophesy and the gifts of the Spirit, but they are not the thrust of our message.  We must preach Christ.  He is central and He is our message.


Lakeland reminds us of two things.  First it shows us how vulnerable the church is.  It shows us how quickly those who claim to be Christians can be led astray. Secondly, it reminds us of the true revival.  The Lord can change everything in a day.  Let Lakeland put a hunger in our hearts.  Let us return to the Lord, return to a God-centered life and lifestyle.  Let us press on to know the Lord and know that His visitations are certain.