2 Sam.5:20. – And David came to Baalperazim, and David smote them there, and said, The LORD hath broken forth upon mine enemies before me, as the breach of waters. Therefore he called the name of that place Baalperazim.

David was just getting started when the Philistines came after him. That is so typical, just as you begin your journey, you start to engage in God’s plan, all hell breaks out. David’s enemies wanted to shut him down before he got started. That’s how it always is. So what did David do? He sought the Lord. The Lord told him to attack the Philistines. David teaches us the importance of total dependence on the Lord. It wasn’t enough to have a calling and a purpose, he needed the Lord’s input in every step of the way. As David followed the Lord’s direction he experienced supernatural breakthrough. Here is how Matthew Henry describes this verse.

“He gave his God the glory; he said, “The Lord has broken forth upon my enemies before me. I could not have done it if he had not done it before me; he opened the breach like the breach of waters in a dam, which when once opened grows wider and wider.” The principal part of the work was God’s doing; nay, he did all; what David did was not worth speaking of; and therefore, Not unto us, but unto the Lord, give glory. He hoped likewise that this breach, like that of waters, was as the opening of the sluice, to let in a final desolation upon them; and, to perpetuate the remembrance of it, he called the place Baal-perazim, the master of the breaches, because, God having broken in upon their forces, he soon had the mastery of them. Let posterity take notice of it to God’s honor.”

Trying to do right or even trying to do God’s work in human strength can be quite frustrating. One of three things will happen when you launch out on your own; you will experience success and take all the credit, possibly have limited success and be totally frustrated, or fall on your face in total defeat. None of those options satisfy us or glorify the Lord. Look to the Lord in every situation. You will be surprised how He answers and how suddenly breakthrough will become your testimony. I have a sense of breakthrough in the air for God’s people, look to Him and you will be satisfied and He will be glorified.


Ezekiel.34:23 – Then I will set over them one shepherd, My servant David, and he will feed them; he will feed them himself and be their shepherd. “And I, the LORD, will be their God, and My servant David will be prince among them; I the LORD have spoken.

The Lord has revealed Himself throughout scripture as the Shepherd of His flock. He is said to look at us as weary and scattered like sheep with no shepherd. One of the basic functions of a shepherd is to make sure his sheep have plenty to eat. Skinny sheep are just not a good testimony for the shepherd. As David said, “He makes me lie down in green pastures”.

What is the point of green pastures for sheep? It is our food of course. For us spiritual sheep, our green pastures are the precious word of God. Every word that has been recorded for us is food for our soul. There have been times when there is a famine for the word of God. Not now! God’s written word is available in multiple translations to most of the people on the planet. He has literally made us to lie down in His green pastures of abundance. Here is how Spurgeon describes the Shepherd feeding His sheep.

“What are these “green pastures” but the Scriptures of truth—always fresh, always rich, and never exhausted? There is no fear of biting the bare ground where the grass is long enough for the flock to lie down in it. Sweet and full are the doctrines of the gospel; fit food for souls, as tender grass is natural nutriment for sheep. When by faith we are enabled to find rest in the promises, we are like the sheep that lie down in the midst of the pasture; we find at the same moment both provender and peace, rest and refreshment, serenity and satisfaction. But observe: “He maketh me to lie down.” It is the Lord who graciously enables us to perceive the preciousness of his truth, and to feed upon it. How grateful ought we to be for the power to appropriate the promises!”

Eating is one of the great joys of life. We eat for nourishment but certainly pleasure is involved. Feasting on God’s word is just the same. We may start feeding on it regularly because we know it is good for us. Before you know it you will be caught up in the pleasure of eating God’s word. The Lord has led us into beautiful green pastures, I think its time to chow down


Matt.26:26-29 – As they ate, Jesus took the bread and blessed it and broke it and gave it to his disciples. He said to them, “This is my body. Eat it.” Then taking the cup of wine and giving praises to the Father, he entered into covenant with them, saying, “This is my blood. Each of you must drink it in fulfillment of the covenant. For this is the blood that seals the new covenant. It will be poured out for many for the complete forgiveness of sins. The next time we drink this, I will be with you and we will drink it together with a new understanding in the kingdom realm of my Father.”

I see this verse differently than I used to see it. When Jesus said “the next time we drink this” I thought He was talking literally about being with Him in the place called heaven. This goes back to the central theme of Jesus’s teaching as well as His ultimate purpose. He taught about the kingdom and He came to bring us into the kingdom. He wasn’t talking about a place called heaven but He was speaking of the kingdom realm that we are now part of and is currently invading the earth. Communion is a prophetic fulfillment of His prayer, “Let your kingdom come and let your will be done on earth”. We are now in His kingdom tasting the benefits of His death and resurrection. The kingdom of God is here. Here are some thoughts from the Passion Notes on this verse.

“We are now in the realm of the kingdom of God. The Holy Spirit brings us into the body of Christ and into the reality of the kingdom of God. It is growing and increasing in scope, and every time believers drink of the cup of communion, Jesus is present with us. It is the Lord’s table, not ours. This was a prophecy of what would happen in just a matter of days from then, as believers would break bread together in remembrance of what Jesus did for them. Jesus now drinks it with us in a new way, and not just once a year at Passover, but every time we worship him by taking communion.”

So go ahead and lift up the cup of life and death; eat His body, drink His blood. This is the very heartbeat of our Christian community. We are enjoying the outpouring of His kingdom benefits in this life. The good news? There is way more to come!!!


“The cut-off stump of Jesse will sprout,
and a fruitful Branch will grow from his roots:
the Spirit of Yahweh will rest upon him,
the Spirit of Extraordinary Wisdom,
the Spirit of Perfect Understanding
the Spirit of Wise Strategy,
the Spirit of Mighty Power,
the Spirit of Revelation” ISAIAH 11:1

The guests have all left from your Thanksgiving Meal and you can’t wait to see the last dessert eaten, the stuffing thrown out, the leftover turkey frozen just to be able to eat something green again. Before you know it, we suddenly wake up to the coming of Christ or the “advent season”. When the son of man “rents a womb to come into the world”. (Augustine) The unexpected unwraps himself with something so small that becomes something so big. Right when you think you can never reach back and see any life from the stump, a branch begins to grow. It is called the story of redemption. It has brewed in the swirl for eternity, born the test of time only to come knocking at your door – the coming of him into your life. He is the stump grower, the branch extender, the vine connector. He becomes our ladder back to God in a most mysterious way. The little child in the manger always looks for the one that is invisible. The decay in your life where the roots have been forced to keep digging deeper will suddenly spring up and your cut off stump will grow like a green shoot. The germinator has come! Just allow him to come, forever come into you life and let him become the wonder for He too bore the brunt of the stump. Stumps understand other stumps.
It’s time to “sing, who were once barren”(Isaiah 54). Matthew Henry says, “The longer the church has lain desolate the greater will the transports of joy be when it begins to recover the ground it has lost and to gain more”. For in this Advent season, this coming season-you will gain new ground so to speak or new territories. Your life, your dreams, will sprout and grow till they overtake the very dark that they came from. Light comes in advent, when you receive the gift from the cradle hide it deep within. The barren one is comforted because It broke forth, as the breaking forth of waters—on the right hand and on the left, that is all around her house.
So go ahead, let the coming one come for the fullness of time came. As you hang your lights, decorate your tree-surround yourself with family, he comes in those precious moments hiding on their smiling faces. Open up your stunted self and watch the miracle grow…….


Micah 2:13 – The breaker goes up before them; They break out, pass through the gate and go out by it. So their king goes on before them, and the LORD at their head.

Peter probably said it best, “You preach freedom but you yourselves are slaves of your own corruption”. Slavery starts on the inside of us, not on the outside. This is one of the great ironies that surround us every day, humans want to break rules so that they can be free from the man or the system or the church. They indulge in promiscuity or drunkenness and proclaim that they are free all the while encumbering themselves in the mire of sin and suffering the consequences of bad decisions. Jesus is the Breaker who breaks this horrible pattern of destruction that humans tend to embrace. How does He do it? First, He opens our eyes to the foolishness of sin. Secondly, He draws us to Himself. It is in the presence of the Breaker that this horrible bondage is finally broken. He leads us out of bondage and into the joy of being sons and daughters of God. Here is how Maclaren describes it.

“Men and women! Some of you are the slaves of your own lusts. Some of you are the slaves of the world’s maxims. Some of you are held in bondage by some habit that you abominate, but cannot get away from. Here is freedom for you. The dark walls of the prison are round us all. ‘The Scripture hath shut up all in sin, that He might have mercy upon all.’ Blessed be His name! As the angel came to the sleeping Apostle, and to his light touch the iron gates swung obedient on their hinges, and Roman soldiers who ought to have watched their prey were lulled to sleep, and fetters that held the limbs dropped as if melted; so, silently, in His meek and merciful strength, the Christ comes to us all, and the iron gate which leadeth out into freedom opens of its own accord at His touch, and the fetters fall from our limbs, and we go forth free men. ‘The Breaker is gone up before us.”

Sin is not only controlling, it is also blinding. It the miracle of new birth that gives us sight, sight to see Christ as He is and to see the ugliness of sin. It is this miracle of sight that enables us to follow the Breaker and break out of our destructive patterns in life.


Rev. 14:3 – And they were singing a wonderful new song before the throne, in front of the four living creatures, and in front of the twenty-four elders.

Singing is a gift given to us by the Lord. Singing is obviously the release of the emotions of our heart. That’s why they always say “you have to pay your dues if you want to sing the blues”. So singing is the release of our sorrow, our joy, faith, or really anything that we are experiencing in life. Singing the new song of the Lord is literally a taste of heaven (I emphasize the word literal). So when someone is filled with God their cup overflows with joy. Often our joy is released in beautiful songs of joy. The heavenly song is saturated with life. Everyone who embraces this song is filled to overflowing and becomes a participant in singing the songs of the Lord. Here is how Jonathan Edwards responds to this passage.

“The singing of songs is used as a token of mirth and rejoicing. Singing and rejoicing are wont to go together. When carnal persons meet together to sing songs, it is in token of carnal mirth. But there is no joy like that which is expressed in singing this new song…..The melody is pleasant to the angels, and pleasant to the Lamb of God, and pleasant to him that sits upon the throne, and most pleasant to the soul that makes the melody. The act of praise is an abundant reward to itself. He that sings it has communion with God in it, for in the same time that there flows a stream of love out of the heart towards God, there flows a more full stream of love from God into the soul. At the same time that he praises God with a sweet voice, Christ with a sweeter voice speaks peace to the soul and manifests his love to it.”

Next time you go to church make a real attempt to hear His voice. He is present in His gatherings and He loves to minister to each of us. There is a supernatural joy that hovers in the midst of God’s people. As we sing the new song of the Lord spontaneously and corporately the presence of the Lord comes and hovers in our midst. He is setting us apart by His love so that we can glorify God in the world that’s confused and hurting. Maybe you are the vessel He wants to use in these last days.


Ps.136:23 – TPT – He’s the God who chose us when we were nothing!His tender love for us continues on forever!

Ps.136:23 NKJ – Who remembered us in our lowly state, For His mercy endures forever;

This verse gives us an incredible look into the mercy of the Lord. The two characteristics that stand out to me in this verse about the mercy of the Lord is how He lavishes His mercy on us when we are nothing or as the NKJ says in our lowly state and how His mercy is everlasting. First look at His mercy on the undeserving. There is nothing I could have done to warrant mercy, actually the opposite was true, I did everything to offend God but instead of judgement I got mercy. His mercy reached into the depths of my depravity and poured out grace that opened my eyes to His love and broke the chains of sin that had enslaved me. As the Passion Bible says, “He chose me when I was nothing”.

Next, His mercy or tender love lasts forever and ever. He loved me before I was born, He loved me when I was rebellious, and He will love me beyond the end of time. Here is how Dick Mills defines this word eternity.

“Eternity; the ages; infinity; the universe, the world. Derived from the verb ‘alam (“veil from sight” or “conceal”), ‘olam refers to that infinite and everlasting expanse God has created. It is both an unending expanse of space (universe) and time (eternity), indicating the limitless dimensions in which God’s sovereignty is displayed. The word sometimes refers to the remotely distant past and sometimes to the remotely distant future. God is called ’El ‘Olam, “the Everlasting God”. As God is eternal, so is His mercy le ‘olam, that is, “unto the forever.”

The universe is intended to give us a glimpse into the eternal nature of our God. It reaches further than our computer generated telescopes can see and it reaches farther than our thoughts can imagine. His tender love for us is like that, it is deeper than the ocean, wider than the horizon, and higher than the heavens. There is no end to His tender love and mercy. My life began by His mercy, it is sustained by His mercy, and will continue forever by His mercy. He chose us when we were nothing and His tender love for us continues forever!


Ps. 136:1 – Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good!

For His mercy endures forever

This is one of the famous lines from the Psalms of David. It was sung at the dedication of Solomon’s temple and it was the song sung by the Levites as they marched before Jehoshaphat’s army leading them in victory. To me, it is a perfect song. It gives a glimpse of why we give thanks and worship the Lord, because He is good and His mercy endures forever. A glimpse of the goodness of the Lord brings us to a place of worship. When the paralyzed man was healed in Peter’s house everyone began to glorify the Lord, when the woman who was bent over for eighteen years was healed she began to glorify the Lord, when Jesus fed the multitudes they began to glorify God. Seeing His goodness brings us to the place of giving thanks to the Lord. Here is how Spurgeon describes this verse.

“We thank our parents, let us praise our heavenly Father; we are grateful to our benefactors, let us give thanks unto the Giver of all good. For he is good. Essentially he is goodness itself, practically all that he does is good, relatively he is good to his creatures. Let us thank him that we have seen, proved, and tasted that he is good. He is good beyond all others: indeed, he alone is good in the highest sense; he is the source of good, the good of all good, the sustainer of good, the perfecter of good, and the rewarder of good. For this he deserves the constant gratitude of his people. For his mercy endures for ever. We shall have this repeated in every verse of this song, but not once too often. It is the sweetest stanza that a man can sing. What joy that there is mercy, mercy with Jehovah, enduring mercy, mercy enduring for ever. We are ever needing it, trying it, praying for it, receiving it: therefore let us for ever sing of it.”

The Lord’s very essence is goodness. We see His goodness in all His works, His goodness was on full display in the life and death of Jesus of Nazareth, and His goodness is poured out on all of us through the immersion into the Holy Spirit. What else can we say but, “the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever”.


Psa. 116:12,13,&17 What shall I render to the LORD

For all His benefits toward me? I will take up the cup of salvation,

And call upon the name of the LORD. I will offer to You the sacrifice of thanksgiving,

And will call upon the name of the LORD.

Have you ever thought about the atmosphere in the temple in Jerusalem? It was a very special place with the sounds and smells of worship and sacrifice. There was the sounds of animals, the bleating of the sheep, and the mooing of the cows. There was the sounds of the musicians and the singing of the levites. There was also the smells, the smell of incense and the smell of roasted meat filled the air. Jerusalem was constantly filled with these festival sounds and smells. The sounds and smells of holiday celebration filled the temple all year round, it was a happy place for the children of Israel to visit throughout their lives.

One of the offerings that was brought before the Lord was a thank offering. It was characterized by confessing before the Lord His goodness, His power, and His mercy. This is the idea Paul had in mind when he wrote in Hebrews 13:15 “Through Him then, let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that give thanks to His name.” As we come before the Lord, we confess to His name, His goodness, His power, and His mercy.

Thanksgiving Day reminds me of the Jewish festivals. These festivals were characterized by worship, preaching, celebration in singing and worship, and always plenty of good food. There was always one requirement that the Lord made for each of these festivals. You were required to celebrate before the Lord with joy. There could be no sadness at the Lord’s thanksgiving celebrations.

This Thanksgiving, people all over America are celebrating with their families. Many people will be with loved ones they only see on special occasions. This is a very special time. Just like the temple, there will be all sorts of sounds and smells at these family gatherings. There will be music, laughter, and the delightful smells of our Thanksgiving feast. There is nothing quite like it. Israel was the only nation on earth that had these Thanksgiving celebrations to worship and give thanks to their great Jehovah God. In the same way, Thanksgiving is uniquely American. Each year we remember what the Lord has done in our lives and we remember what He has done throughout history for our nation. We have a spiritual legacy, thankfully we can still embrace and celebrate our heritage.

This year as you gather with your family, stop and observe the sounds and smells of that day. Maybe for a moment you can be transported in time to those special days of joy in Jerusalem. Maybe if you close your eyes and listen and smell you can be transported to that first American Thanksgiving as our forefathers gave thanks to the Lord for their new land. Oh yeah, remember the Lord’s command, everyone has to be happy at His celebration.


Rev.14:2 – And I heard a voice from heaven like the roar of many waters and like the sound of loud thunder. The voice I heard was like the sound of harpists playing on their harps,

Life carries within itself a rhythm or a melody. Each city has a feel or rhythm about it, it is no different with the city of the Lord. Take New Orleans for example, you can spot a local a mile off. I have lived in New Orleans for about fifty of my sixty seven years. I have pretty much become a part of the city but there is still a distinct difference when you meet someone who has been in a New Orleans family that has been here for generations. New Orleans is literally in their blood. This new song that John is speaking of can only be sung by citizens of the heavenly city. Being born again is how you become part of the population of the New Jerusalem. When that happens the life that enters you brings you into the rhythm and harmony with the heavenly company, then and then only can you begin to sing the new song. Here is how Jonathan Edwards describes this mystery.

“There must be an ability to sing. Not only the matter of the song must be learnt, but also the music of the song. But the music of this tune consists in the melody of the heart…..As in order to learn the music of other songs, the voice must be tuned, so in order to learn the music of this song, the heart must be tuned. The music of this new song consists in holy admiration, in exalting thoughts of the glory of God and the Lamb and the great things of the gospel; and in divine love, in loving God for his excellency appearing in the face of Christ, in holy rejoicing in God and in delight and complacence of the soul in Jesus, whereby we, having not seen him, do love him and “rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory”. They that are unacquainted with this spiritual melody, they can’t learn to sing that new song.”

So has your heart been tuned to the heavenly song. You must have the substance of the song, the gospel of Jesus Christ in your heart. You also need the melody of the song which is the work of the Spirit. It’s impossible to fake it, the locals will see phonies a mile away.