I recently came across an interesting greek word. It is the word epichoreegoo. It means to lead the chorus. You can find this word in 2 Corinthians 9 :10 where it says that the Lord supplies seed for the sower. Adam Clarke made some interesting comments about this word. Clarke says that this word is very emphatic. It signifies he who leads up the chorus. It means also to join to, associate, to supply or furnish one thing after another so that there be no want or chasm. Thus God is represented, in the course of His providence, associating and connecting causes and effects; keeping everything in its proper place and dependence on another, and all upon Himself; so that summer and winter, heat and cold, seed time and harvest, regularly succeed each other. Thus God leads up this grand chorus of causes and effects: provides the seed to the hand of the sower; gives him skill to discern the times when the earth should be prepared to receive the grain, and when the grain should be sown; blesses the earth, and causes it to bring forth and bud, so that it can again provide seed to the sower and bread to the eater; and, by a watchful providence, preserves everything. The figure is beautiful, and shows us the grand system of causes  and effects, all directed by and under the immediate guidance and government of God Himself.

This truth is very powerful and applies to our lives on various levels. When a need is present in our lives or the lives of others, the Lord moves our heart to pray for the situation. He then responds to our prayers with His presence and love, His word of confirmation, and then begins to set in motion the circumstances necessary to answer the prayer.

In giving, the truth is seen very clearly. The Lord gives us various talents, he gives us employment that lines up with those talents. He blesses the company we are working for, and brings harvest to us. In that harvest there is bread for food and seed to sow. As we sow the seed, the Lord uses that seed to produce another harvest containing bread for food and seed for sowing. Who can fathom the wisdom and greatness of our God. From Him and through Him and back to Him come all things. His ways are way beyond us. He is leading the chorus. This is a chorus of redemption that those who are washed in the blood of the Lamb can only sing as He leads us in triumph.

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  1. Dear Pastor Frank,

    I absolutely love the word you speak of in this blog, the same word you used this weekend – “epichoreegoo”! There exists this awesome power, this awesome music, conducted by the One who created music for His enjoyment and (as you had said) for us to enjoy with Him. As we find ourselves wrapped up in the loving hands of the Holy Spirit, we feel His music, we move to His sweet melody for our lives. Is it wrong to think that if God has a unique calling, a unique purpose for each of our lives, that each of us has a song of our own, a tune that we adhere to, a song we live and breathe to? I know that I personally connect with God as Creator King and that songs where He is addressed in like manner, even as our Rock and Strong Tower, that I totally melt before Him, becoming limp as it were, powerless to the current of His Spirit. Praise the LORD Most High!


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