Greetings to you in the wonderful name of Jesus!


We recently conducted our Harvest Overflow Conference and the Lord brought something to my attention.  I became aware of a hunger in the body for good teaching on various practical areas.  I have been reflecting on this hunger and need and discussing it with our ministers over the last several weeks.  As a result we have come up with our New Life Series which will offer various classes at various times. 


Currently we are offering Biblical Foundations and Forgiven and Set Free on Monday nights.  We will be offering several new classes on Sunday mornings as we begin a new weekend schedule this November. 


Our new Sunday schedule will be as following:

Airline Campus in Metairie

            9:30am New Life Series (Various classes will be offered – TBA)

            10:30am Morning Worship Service

            7:00pm Converge Service


Victory Fellowship North Shore in Covington

            6:00pm Saturday Worship Service

            9:30am Sunday Worship Service


Broad Street Mission in New Orleans

            9:00am Worship Service


Our new service schedule will provide a later, more convenient time in Covington and at Broad Street.  We will be offering great classes at the main campus with a slightly shorter morning service.  Of course, we will still have our Converge/Holy Ghost service on Sunday night.  Wednesday night we have a night of Saturation in teaching in the awesome presence of the Lord.


I am excited about this new schedule and hope it will be a blessing to you.


Blessed by His Grace,

Pastor Frank Bailey

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