The Prophetic Song

II Kings 3:15

15 “But now bring me a musician.” And when the musician played, the hand of the Lord came upon him.

Elisha brought in a musician to minister to the Lord to bring himself into the prophetic anointing. Worship is powerful. The Bible says that the Lord inhabits and is enthroned in His worship. Paul described this phenomenon in I Corinthians 14 when he spoke about singing in the Spirit. Today, the prophetic realm is available to you. You can spend some time worshipping in His presence and, like Elisha, you will find yourself rapt in His presence. As you enter the place of His presence , you can sing in the Spirit and sing with your understanding (natural language). As you enjoy this spiritual blessing, pay close attention. This is the place of prophecy, the place where the Lord speaks to His people. In moments like this you can find direction from the Lord. Many times His voice will come as He brings His precious word back into our hearts. Listen carefully and respond to the Lord. If you do not have a minstrel like Elisha, get out the iPod or a cd and put on some worship. It’s time to sing the heavenly song.

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