The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Day to day pours out speech, and night to night reveals knowledge.
Ps.19:1,2 ESV

God is speaking, He has always been speaking. He speaks everyday through our circumstances, the little, or big things that don’t go right, or the things that somehow just seem to work out, He is speaking through them all. He is speaking through the Bible, those passages that just seem to “stick out”. He is speaking through your friends, He has stored up His wisdom in the multitude of counsel. He is speaking through your pastor, His anointing ministers through His leaders to bring instruction to His body. As Augustine taught us, He is speaking through the “chance conversations” never really intended for our ears. And as David taught us, He is speaking through His creation. This is what Spurgeon said about David’s words in Psalm 19.

” Any part of creation has more instruction in it than human mind will ever exhaust, but the celestial realm is peculiarly rich in spiritual lore. The heavens declare, or are declaring, for the continuance of their testimony is intended by the participles employed; every moment God’s existence, power, wisdom and goodness, are being sounded abroad by the heavenly heralds which shine upon us from above. It is not merely glory that the heavens declare, but the “glory of God,” for they deliver to us such unanswerable arguments for a conscious, intelligent, planning, controlling, and presiding Creator, that no unprejudiced person can remain unconvinced by them…”

Incredible, His divine characteristics are revealed in what His hands have made, His wisdom seen in it’s order, His infinite nature seen in His seemingly endless creation, His power displayed in the energy stored up in the basic ingredient of creation, the atom. All around us we see His handiwork, He is speaking to us from day to day. Sometimes my “eyes” become dull to His glory all around me and then suddenly I am caught by surprise when I hear His voice in the singing bird or see His artistry in the sunset, or see His compassion displayed by one of His creatures. He is speaking all right. I guess the question should be, “can I hear His voice?”

3 Replies to “GOD IS SPEAKING”

  1. The Scripture I hear “stick out” and ring true when I hear testimony or homilies concerning hearing the Lord daily is Mark 7:32-36. There is no doubt that we at times don’t just not hear the Lord but we become totally “deaf” to Him for long periods of time. And as a consequence we also sustain our tongues becoming “tied” so that we fail to give speech to our testimonies of Salvation though our rebirth. So if you find this happening remember the totally deaf mute in Mark 7 and the word “eph-pha-tha” and pray to the Lord that your ears ” be opened”and your ears will be opened and your tongue” loosed” to “spake plain” the Word again. Blessings and Grace to you Brothers. In His Light and Love.

  2. He is with us every moment of every day, but we just do not always acknowledge His presence. I know that in my life He has been there for me all along and He knows my heart is for Him. I love when I can see Him in all His creations and know He is watching out for me. We are His hands, mouth, ears and feet here on earth so we can accomplish things in His name. I feel a deep connection when I do tasks in His name and it gives me peace and joy to be used by Him that way. May all your ventures be blessed and successful in His name.

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