Mary Monday
Parris Bailey

“So roll up your sleeves, put your mind in gear, be totally ready to receive the gift that is coming when Jesus arrives. Don’t lazily slip back into those old grooves of evil, doing just what you feel like doing. You didn’t know any better then; you do now. As obedient children, let yourselves be pulled into a way of life shaped by God’s life, a life energetic and blazing with holiness.”
I Peter 1:13-15 The Message

I must admit I love working at the Mary’s Song Restoration Center. It is purely selfish and completely, definitely all about me. This is where I see God working in a micro-second with the girls, after 30 years of working with people, I would like to think you could understand where I am coming from.
I just finished an appointment with one of the girls that recently graduated and came in to say hello, she began to tell me how much this year has meant to her, she has found Jesus Christ and that is all that matters. Her friends tell her that she is weird and she told them “good”. In fact she plans to go back and tell the judge who reluctantly sent her to the “faith based “ program that it worked out well.
Holiness is not only the activity of the Holy Spirit to set man apart unto salvation but also enables him to be holy even as God is holy. Are you lazily slipping back into those old grooves of evil or letting God pull you into a life shaped by God’s life, energetic and blazing with holiness! Even this Mary’s Song graduate told me how she had to shut her door and turn on worship music the week she came home in order to get into his presence. She is learning to put on the Lord Jesus and make no provision for the flesh. So many times people have criticized Frank and I about our stand on absolutely no alcohol, no casual socializing with the opposite sex, no secular music, vain jesting and etc. In fact I will never forget a conversation I had with a pastor that said he drinks a beer at barbecue’s to make people feel comfortable about him! And what about spirit -filled denominations serving alcohol at their minister’s conferences. What is that? It’s not what we get by with that measures our Christian walk. Holiness is his gift to us. God gives us grace to look away entirely, evermore, from ourselves, and to depend entirely upon Him.
God’s gift of holiness is available to all of us. Does it take work? Yes, a total surrender on our part. Coming to God as a beggar who is in need of everything. He becomes “altogether lovely” in our eyes, and we no longer worry whether we are accepted or not, married or single, rich or poor. We are Christ’s and Christ is God’s. I just read a quote about this uneducated man who said, “I fell flat on da promises and dat was dat!”


  1. good swoord sister, i know that no good mesmemes dwells in my flesh and i have to put things out of mind by taking action, it may mean seperation of what is going on,what is excepted as being ok but in gods eyes it is not ok, jesting is a biggie i have had to learn the hard way to pray when im tempted and just dont enter into it, sometimes we can really greive the lord with foolish talking and it can lead us to ungodly thoughts and un nessasary temtations because we get out of the spirit, im praying not to fall into that i love to joke around as much as the other person and some joking is ok but when we cross the line and i have, you will know when you have, because the spirit leaves and you know you crossed over to being in the flesh because of conviction in your heart, we can ask for forgiveness right on the spot, and ask the lord to put you back into right fellowship with him, we had band practice one day at the house, we didnt pray and got into practise, joking around it got way out of hand, we were making up songs about boogers and other stuff really off the wall, our wives rebuked us, they were really upset that we were totally flessing out, laughing at stuff really wrong to laugh at, we got our hearts right and the lord blessed us with a good session now we dont go there, we pray to stay out of the flesh before we even get started. we stay away from stuff with the lords help so we can be examples to each other and mainly to stay in the spirit, so many have fallen into sin because of taken things too light and notwatching, our flesh can deceive us very easy, we got the world saten and the flesh that could bring us down we will always have these enemysand we can always have victory if we stay close to the lord and allow him to keep us there were we are suppost to be with him, it takes dying and killing the flesh, im learning not to enter a conversation or have a part of it if its jesting because it could lead to more ungodly foolish garbage that doesnt edify the lord or our brothers and sisters i really enjoy you shareing god bless you.

  2. Thank You – Father, for this word. This message pierces my soul. Amazing how when my Father begins to root out that which does not belong; He surrounds it with light with no place to hide and then through wisdom, discernment and love begins to change me, us. The pace at which this takes place, at least to me, has to do with staying in His presence to hear from Him and yielding.
    I am no longer amazed by how over the top God is in the process of sanctification but it further proves His faithfulness to us and that is beyond amazing!!!!!!!! Thank you for a great word to crank up my week!

  3. Recall daily all your Divine blessings which you have been awarded through yours trials of Faith and you will be made to seek the Will of the Lord for your new life and get to work seeking His Strength and Divine Energy to accomplish that which The Holy Spirit whispers in your attuned ears. For your new life in Christ is not solely for your own enjoyment but to give Glory and Praise to the Lord. Though your salvation ship was painfully built and paid for by the Blood of Christ it is your responsibility to steer it daily in the sanctifying waters of the Holy Spirit. Using the Light of the Word, as a ship’s captain does the light of a lighthouse in the darkness of nite, to avoid the hidden rocks of the prince of this world.

  4. Pastor Parris, you are so right on. I love you guys and am so glad God has put us together. Miss seeing you and wish you would come teach on Sunday!!! God so wants us to be so sold out to Him and it is the best place to be. We serve and Awesome God!!!

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