For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

One of the amazing effects the Holy Spirit has upon our lives is the release of His incredible creativity. In today’s verse Paul uses the word poiema, translated workmanship in English. This is the word we get the English word poem from. It describes the supernatural creativity of the work of God. We are God’s creative work of art. When someone stays under the influence of the anointing for extended periods of time the result is a release of God’s creativity. In 1999 we started a production in our church called “Beyond the Grave”. All of the actors for this play have been from our congregation, most of them have been teenagers. We have been asked more than once if these were hired professionals. Nothing could be further from the truth. This cast has always been made up of amateurs, but not just any amateurs, these teenagers have been soaking in the outpouring of the Spirit in our church for many years. The effect of the Holy Spirit upon their lives has been quite stunning, they have clearly displayed God’s handiwork. You could say that “Beyond the Grave” has been God’s work of art.
Another effect the Holy Spirit has had in this production is an unusual effect upon the audiences who have come for over eleven years. We have seen over 60,000 individuals answer altar calls at BTG. The play has been performed approximately three hundred times with an estimated attendance of 250,000 people. Thousands have been convicted of their sins, many have been born again, and several thousand have been baptized in water. No one could have predicted these results because there is no natural explanation. All we can say is that we have been witnesses of one of the Lord’s masterpieces, we have watched His handiwork unfold before our eyes.
The beauty of the anointing is that the Lord will use anyone. It seems He delights in using the least likely, not the smartest or the most talented, but the most unexpected are often his vessels. Why would He do something so unusual? He refuses to share the Glory for his artwork. We get the joy of being used by God, and He gets the glory, not a bad deal.


  1. i wouild love to see this beyond the grave play it sounds like a real blessing, i see in real life some good things in our fellowship, we are on a smaller scale than you all. We have all kinds of people in our fellowship, we have some that dont say alot but if you knew them it would surprise you on how faithful they are in their lives to the lord, it seems we never have to ask for volenters they just show up, they will out of obedienceand the leading of the holy spiritjump in there and mighty things happen, just every day people big ones little ones and all inbetween, it wasnt too long ago they were out there lost with many of them, when they meet the lord a super natheral change takes place we had two outlaw bikers get saved awhile back even the town is amazed that dont know the lord on how their lives have transformed every one was afraid of them before, they have to go before the judge for crimes they did before they came to the lord, i think they will be taken care of i know they will be ok no matter what the courts decide they want the lord and are trusting him no matter what, the lord will still do some amazing things all it takes is saying yes to him and living for himwe see this alot, this world our flesh our pride cant even come close to what the lord has in store for those that love him

  2. I have enjoyed being among the people that aome together to perfrom this play, they are all awesome children of God. God is my JOY!!! Amen
    I pray God’s annointing is always over Victory Fellowship, especially our Pastors.

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