In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to the Lord at its border. It will be a sign and a witness to the Lord of hosts in the land of Egypt. When they cry to the Lord because of oppressors, he will send them a savior and defender, and deliver them. In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria, and Assyria will come into Egypt, and Egypt into Assyria, and the Egyptians will worship with the Assyrians.

We have seen some incredible events in the last several months, a successful revolution in Egypt and much of the middle east in social upheaval. These recent revolutions have been largely led by the young people of these nations. Their dissatisfaction with their status quo has been fueled by the internet over the last several years and communicated and organized by the social network phenomenon. When people get a whiff of a better life, there is no stoping their desires to attain that life. That brings us to the underlying reality below the surface of these social changes, actually it brings us to the underlying real purpose of these events. The Bible clearly teaches that the Lord raises up political leaders and brings them down to fulfill His ultimate purposes. What is the real purpose behind these revolutions? Unbeknown to the participants, the Lord’s plan in these nations is spiritual awakening. In today’s scripture passage the Lord describes a prophetic day when the Assyrians and the Egyptians would worship together. When Isaiah spoke of Egypt and Assyria, he was speaking of the entire middle east. Could that be possible? Absolutely! Just as the iron curtain fell in a day, followed by an incredible season of evangelism and church planting, the middle east is beginning to swing it’s doors open which will result in one of the greatest harvests of souls our world has ever seen. The Lord will make “the Assyrians” and the “Egyptians” a sign and a wonder to His amazing grace.
What an amazing time to be a Christian. We have all wondered what it would have been like to live on earth when Christ was here, or maybe during the Great Awakening at one of George Whitefield’s meetings, or maybe at the Azusa Street Revival. Any of those times would have been great, but this season could prove to be the greatest spiritual upheaval our world has ever seen. What should I do, look up your redemption is drawing near.


  1. I often wondered what my uncle meant by the ENTIRE WORLD will see and witness his return,when I was a little boy. Even growing up I’ve always kept that in my mind and have always been a techie type of guy. But could never grasp how we would all witness the same thing at the same time.

    I remember on 9/11 (Ketra and I were dating back then) I was on my way to take a final exam when Ketra called me to tell me that she had just heard about a plane crash in NYC. I was on the phone with her when the second one hit and she told me that every news station was showing the second plane hit over and over. I hung up with her on the way to my exam and on the way there I told a few people and a few others told others the news. THAT’S WHEN IT HIT ME – the WHOLE WORLD IS WITNESSING THIS THING TOGETHER AND SPREADING THE NEWS LIKE A VIRUS. This is how WE ARE ALL GOING TO WITNESS HIS RETURN. In a matter of seconds that news was spreading.

    That was before FaceBook, Twitter, Blogging, RSS feeds, smart phones, video on phones, internet on phones, unlimited texting, and calling plans. Now everything that happens is seconds away from becoming WORLD NEWS. How funny, when a a video becomes a sensation they call it going VIRAL. Jesus will be YouTube like a VIRUS. Too late to get infected then!!!

  2. Years ago I’d hear a news story and say wow, that’s Biblical prophecy being fulfilled. Now it’s seems you can find Biblically fortold events on a daily basis in the news. I’m amazed. Is it just me or are things speeding up? I look back to the 60’s and 70’s growing up and think wow this world is changing faster than ever.

  3. I believe some countries have been deprived of serving God, and through technology they are seeing the light, Israel is Gods chosen country allies backed out and something is about to happen in my eyes. Governed authorities can’t do anything, its biblical. A major harvest I feel will take place. God has been showing me things like naturaul disasters which are everyday now. And also the theological aspect of it . God is doing something. The united states on the other hand is in debt, we have manufactures around the world which is becoming a problem due to the fact our dollar is decreasing which can be the beginning of hyper inflation. $10 dollars for a gallon of milk etc. Now I see unemployment on the rise throughout our nation people loosing houses, cars boats, bikes on and on , we as humanes in the flesh try and pleaSe ourselves with anything and everything to fill the void which is suppose to be Jesus. I believe the united states will economically breaK down and then hopefully we will turn to God , its that season I believe. Our governed authority is Muslim by heart, and has 3 Muslim names. He is a radical in my eyes, smooth talker and has descendants from the east. This to me in my beliefs

    1. Fits the description of the antichrist, now presidential term is 4 years and the antichrist I believe will manifest after the rapture. Please read 2 peter 3 . I just wanna say this isn’t to offend anyone there my beliefs . I see God breaking this nation down so we can give him our attention. I feel revival could happen for us to have a harvest, but keep in mind a day could be a thousand years in Gods eyes.

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