If the foundations are destroyed,
What can the righteous do?

Have you ever seen a house without a good foundation, or better yet, have you seen a house in Southeast Louisiana without pilings under the foundation? It is not a pretty picture. It is often tilted dramatically until, many times, the foundation cracks. Not the kind of problem you want to have. Many times your house is your greatest investment, a faulty foundation can be catastrophic.
The verse for today is describing an even greater problem. David is describing a person, or a people, without a spiritual foundation to support them. David’s implication is that if your foundation is destroyed, all hope is lost.
How does this relate to us today? It is speaking to us about the very essence of our lives, our spiritual foundation. The first piling that supports our foundation is our revelation of Jesus Christ. This is the beginning of our life of faith, and the very foundation of all that we know and believe. Second, is our understanding of the word of God. This is the soul food of our existence, without it we are cast adrift in the storms of life. God’s word is our main connection with God Himself, it is our haven of safety against the traps of doctrinal and secular deceptions that can ensnare our souls. Next, is our connection to the local church. This is the place on earth that the Lord has chosen to dwell. Here is where we meet Him and have fellowship with those of like and precious faith. Finally, there is the constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit, He makes the things of God alive and precious to us. Without Him, we can easily fall into an outward form of religious practise with no substance.
These are some of the pilings that support our spiritual foundation, our application of these realities in our daily lives will prove the verity of our faith. These truths will undergird our marriage and our family, Christ Himself will enhance these special relationships in our lives. They also will bring fruitfulness and reward to our business and ministry life. Because of the spritual realities that undergird our lives, we will be more productive and happier in our work.
David continued his psalm with a bold declaration of faith. “The Lord is in his holy temple; the Lord’s throne is in heaven; his eyes see, his eyelids test the children of man.” The foundation is sure under His church, God is surely in His holy temple.

4 thoughts on “FOUNDATIONS”

  1. In the book of Acts we see how the Body of Christ moved in this, they were all of one mind and accord, praiseing the lord, the church Jesus as head lead by the Holy Spirit. Many with different gifts so the lord could be praised for the fullness of the body, unity in the spirit, it says no one was lacking, barnamas sold land for the body and layed it at the feet of the apostles, he saw a need and gave to that need out of a pure heart, stephen gave his life, many heros of the body of Christ came out of the first century believers, they set at the brothers feet being taught about the lord, I pray The body of Christ returns back to this, we arew seeing more of this happening in recent times, anyway here in Arkansas and in Spain and other places,ppeople are getting very tired of manmade religious traditions that have no life in them, and longing to be lead by the lord not idealism but truth, no dogma or slogans but by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit backing up Gods word in its athority and power. out side of this there is no victory in Jesus, we tell new belivers this before they get too far into stuff that can harm them, teach them the inportance of the word and the ministry of the Holy Spirit that will comfort and lead us in all truth.we exhort each other and povoke each other to grow, to stay fixed on the truth, if we dont do these things with the lord leading us we too will have a power shortage Spiritually.

  2. Pastor, I have been trying to absorb some things that the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about you and our church. I hope this bears witness in your spirit, other wise just spit it out.I see like you said things spiraling, with great discomfort coming to this world. At the same time I see our Lord bringing together a large number (compared to right now) of helpers or what you might call staff members to join as one and work the great harvest. People of integrity,not waverers, without hidden agendas, like minded, true servants of our Lord.Some will be retired, mature people who were able to plan well and will not require any salary from the church. Some other older people will experience a windfall from heaven and will also require no salary. There will be young and old. People from means and people from lack. Every gift and talent and combination there of will be represented. Their number is somewhere around one hundred.Now you might think this to be foolishness, way to difficult to manage, over see,to many voices, and what of the payroll, and where will they come from (hint: you have been laying hands on and imparting this calling to many of them for years) One other surprise is that one or two who served along side of you in the past will be restored like prodigals and will be joined with you again and with no more sorrow.And you will lack for nothing. Other ministries will be falling by the way side, and ask (because they really don’t know) how it is that you now prosper. You have been made ready , a wise and faithful steward over God’s treasure. Sharpen your sickles and be about your Fathers business!

    1. thebaileydrink

      Awesome word Sean. I think this or something like it will certainly come to pass. We live in some incredible days, surely the Lord has some unusual things in store for us all.

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