For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays, but my mind is unfruitful. What is the outcome then? I will pray with the spirit and I will pray with the mind also; I will sing with the spirit and I will sing with the mind also.
1 Cor.14:14,15 NASB

Parris preached a message recently where she stated, “Your spirit is the master, your soul and body are the servants.” Is that true in your life? Is your inner man ruling your life or are you being controlled by your emotions or your fleshly lusts?
One of the ways the Lord has provided for us to strengthen our inner man is by praying in the Spirit. Paul said that when we pray in the Spirit our mind is “unfruitful”. That is another way of saying our mind is uninvolved or does not comprehend what is happening. When you begin to experience and practice praying in the Spirit, you begin to yield control of your life to your inner man (energized by the Holy Spirit). As a result, your mind, therefore your soulish, controlling self, yields control of your life to the Spirit.
We all want to stay “in control” of our lives because we think we know best. This is one of the reasons our prayer language is essential, it is about yielding control of your life to the Lord. When you yield your tongue to the supernatural flow of the Spirit, at first, your mind will say you are crazy. After awhile, you will begin to enjoy and trust the moving and leading of the Spirit as your inner man is being built up and strengthened by this dynamic, supernatural gift.
When I first sought the baptism in the Spirit, I seemed to have a bad case of lockjaw. I was experiencing the presence of the Lord, but having quite a hard time yielding my tongue to the Lord. (It seems it is more common for men to experience this lockjaw manifestation.) One night, while I was sleeping, I began to dream that I was praying in other tongues. The dream became so powerful that it woke me from my sleep. To my delight, from that night on, I began to experience a release and began to pray regularly in this heavenly language. Why did it happen in my sleep? I guess the Holy Spirit caught my soul and my body off guard. In their state of unconsciousness, my spirit was able to receive and began to be strengthened by the Holy Spirit.
Is your life being controlled by soulish emotions or carnal appetites, if so, you need the Baptism in the Spirit. After you begin to pray in tongues (a lot), you will be on your way to a Spirit controlled life.

6 Replies to “MY SPIRIT PRAYS”

  1. Thank you again, Pastor Frank…I needed to hear that message. It was a word in due season for me. I am facing some extreme challenges and found myself getting over in the ‘control’ arena of thought and how I would work it out. Every conceivable way seems to be a dead end. I began praying in tongues this morning at 1:35a.m. Then the Holy Spirit reminded me of James 1:5, to ask for wisdom; next Hebrews 11, the faith chapter, came to mind and I read it and read it over and over, while praying in tongues until I was able to go to sleep. I was able to go to sleep then and trust God will work it out for me. God bless you and Pastor Parris.

  2. thank you for this. it was a great word. i really needed to hear this. i’ve been speaking in tongues for along time and have always preferred to pray in tongues over praying in english. i asked many preachers if i could just pray in tongues all the time and never again pray in english and the response from all of them was the same, ‘well, that’s great but you need to pray so you can understand also.’ why? if the holy spirit knows the perfect will of god, then why should i muck it with my speech. i was always let down and disappointed. i just wanted someone to tell me that it was ok to pray in the spirit always. i guess i’ve always been told by the holy spirit, but i wanted to find someone else who felt this way also. though i’ve already been ‘feeling’ or ‘hearing’ the answer from the holy spirit for along time, it’s nice to finally hear it from someone else.

    1. Ruth
      If you look at today’s verse, Paul said we need to do both. Paul said we should pray with our mind and with the Spirit. Both kinds of prayer are important.


  3. Sometime last year,when I was in the service,I just started praying in tongues.Actually this occured during the worship music. And ever since,when the worship music is on,I just keep speaking in tongues.

  4. after my daddy died 8 weeks ago, i was in deep mourning. i had prayed for my dady to die at home and other request that i thought i needed. when those prayers were not answered, i crying asked the Lord why the requset were not given…..His still,sweet reply was ….Jesus is living in me and when i pray in my Holy Spirit language, it is Him requesting and He can not deny Himself…His Will is followed by the intimate time i spend with Him praying thru me… I pray in my understanding when someone near needs healing or any help but I say their names and pray in tounges and get out of the Lord’s way…. the peace that results is a great reward to face these days of sadness of missing my daddy, but also the challanges of these crazy times we’re all experiencing…thank you Pastor Frank for your gift of teaching and leading us..

  5. This is exactly how the Holyu Spirit gave me the gift. I was praying for it I believed by faith that I already had it, the problem for me was the doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t do it right or something. I was sleep and he kind of just took over my mind and I burst out my mouth praying in the spirit. It just shows me that he will do anything to give the gifts to those who ask, even if we have doubts in yourself and in our own abilities. it’s about yielding to what you don’t understand. Which was really hard for me.

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