Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

I love this verse of scripture. Paul’s terminology is very specific, obviously he was someone who had experienced God’s help a time or two. The help Paul is referring to is well timed help, help at exactly the right time. I will never forget the weeks following the devastation of New Orleans at the hands of Hurricane Katrina. For those of us that live in the New Orleans area, words cannot begin to describe the panorama of feelings and thoughts that overflowed our souls when we realized the extent of the destruction in our city. Our city was destroyed, our friends and families were scattered, our means of sustenance no longer existed, we had no idea what our future would look like.
During the evacuation, I found myself at my son’s house in Pittsburg, wondering what the future held, wondering about how I could pay my staff, and wondering if we would ever have a congregation again.
On one of those painful mornings, I went for a run in some nearby woods, trying to clear my head and make some decisions. During that run I had a strange spiritual encounter. I saw a picture of someone writing checks and immediately realized it represented our church and it’s support for missions and ministries around the world. In the next moment I had a sence of an incredible financial harvest coming to our church. To make a long story short, the Lord was showing me that we had stored up finances for years in our support of other ministries and He was about to release a harvest from that, back into our church. In the next few days we began our journey back to New Orleans. We had no idea what was awaiting us, we just knew we were receiving well timed help from the Lord. Over the next two years we experienced financial provision beyond anything we could have thought or asked for. Not only were we and our staff sustained, but thousands were fed, many were housed, two new churches were purchased, and a rehab for girls was started, we had stepped into “well timed help”. We were able to not only maintain, but launch out into several areas of ministry we had never considered. Our prayers were focused on provision to maintain, the Lord was all about stretching out the tent pegs for new ministry.
Maybe you are facing trouble, especially financial trouble. If you are a tither and give offerings, well timed help is on the way, if not, it is time to start. Your sowing today is connected to well timed seasons of harvest in your tomorrows.

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