“that they may all be one; even as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, that they also may be in Us, so that the world may believe that You sent Me.”
John 17:21

Parris and I recently went on a family vacation to the beach, an awesome time of rest, reflection, and just some fun and down time. One of our outings was kayaking in St. Joseph’s State Park in Florida. On this short excursion, the Lord, as usual, had His glory on display. Near our boat we saw some amazing schools of little fish, like a moving dark cloud through the water. As they drew near, Parris put her hand into this “cloud” and immediately they divided into two companies. It was as if the school itself was one being, with a mind of it’s own, flowing in a beautiful, almost musical harmony. Jonathan Edwards’ wife, Sarah, had a powerful encounter with God in which she caught a glimpse of the harmony Jesus spoke of in His famous John 17 prayer. Listen to her testimony as she caught a glimpse of this spiritual harmony.

“So strong were my feelings, I could not refrain from conversing with those around me, in a very earnest manner, for about a quarter of an hour, on the infinite riches of divine love in the work of salvation; when, my strength entirely failing, my flesh grew very cold, and they carried me and set me by the fire. As I sat there, I had a most affecting sense of the mighty power of Christ, which had been exerted in what he had done for my soul, and in sustaining and keeping down the native corruptions of my heart, and of the glorious and wonderful grace of God in causing the ark to return to Northampton. So intense were my feelings, when speaking of these things, that I could not forbear rising up and leaping with joy and exultation. I felt at the same time an exceedingly strong and tender affection for the children of God, and realized, in a manner exceedingly sweet and ravishing, the meaning of Christ’s prayer, in John xvii. 21. `That they all may be one, as thou Father art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us.’ This union appeared to me an inconceivable, excellent, and sweet oneness; and at the same time I felt that oneness in my soul, with the children of God who were present.”
Harmony with Christ brings us into a place of harmony with His church. In that place of oneness, like the schools of fish, we begin to move together in an almost unconscious movement, each of us responding to the Lord, causing us to flow in His incredible dance with His body. This place of spiritual harmony is the place of fullness of joy (Jn.17:13). Turn your eyes upon Jesus, you may be surprised when you meet the God of Sarah Edwards, you may be leaping for joy too.


  1. I look forward to enjoying this oneness with the Father and Jesus that one day that I might sense His urges each and every moment of my day. That oneness described here reminds me of when in Acts 3, Peter and John encountered the lame man. They were not in their prayer closet but rather walking between here and there in casual conversation yet so in-tune, so sensitive to God, so living in that oneness they responded to the urging of the Holy Spirit. WAHOO!!!!!!! Which of His children does not want that? We were created for relationship with our creator and to become one with Him is the ultimate relationship. To look back to yesterday’s blog it was said, ‘Whether I was at work, at play, spending time with my wife and kids, the Lord was in the midst of it all. I could enjoy Him and glorify Him in the midst of all things.’ Now to strive to enter that ultimate relationship with Him that I might find rest.

  2. Thinking about being one with Him and Acts 3, this song came to mind:
    If He goes to the left then we’ll go to the left
    And if He goes to the right then we’ll go to the right
    We’re going to jump jump jump jump in the river
    Jump jump jump jump, everybody
    If He goes to the left then we’ll go to the left
    And if He goes to the right then we’ll go to the right
    We’re going to dance dance, dance dance in the river
    Dance dance, dance dance, everybody
    If He goes to the left then we’ll go to the left
    And if He goes to the left then we’ll go to the right
    We’re going to shout shout shout shout in the river
    Shout shout shout shout in the river, everybody

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