John 20:21-22 ¶ So Jesus said to them again, “Peace to you! As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.” And when He had said this, He breathed on them, and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit.”

He breathes the New Testament from His mouth with a kiss of love and a breath of quickening power. It is as we abide in Him, lying upon His bosom and drinking in His very life that we are nourished, quickened, comforted, and healed. Have you ever thought what that day was like. This was Resurrection Sunday! For most of the disciples, this was the first time they saw Jesus since His death. HE WASN’T DEAD ANYMORE!! He was alive, I mean really alive. The disciples could hardly believe their eyes, the wounds from His execution were there, but He was not the same. He wasn’t a spirit, His body was really there. He was different, life seemed to be pulsating in Him and flowing out of Him. When He breathed on the disciples, this Resurrection life entered into them, they would never be the same. This breath of life is available to all of us today. Anyone who calls upon His Name can, and will, experience this life for themselves. This is more than just believing rightly, this is God Himself touching, changing, and healing our lives. A.B. Simpson spoke about the Lord’s healing breath, check this out.

“This is the secret of divine healing. It is not believing a doctrine, it is not performing a ceremony, it is not wringing a petition from heaven by the logic of faith and the force of your will; but it is the inbreathing of the life of God; it is the living touch which none can understand except those whose senses are exercised to know the realities of the world unseen. Often, therefore, a very little truth will bring us much more help and blessing than a great deal of instruction.”

Today, His healing breath is entering into people’s lives. The Breath of God is actually His Spirit. When we receive His Spirit into our life, it produces a new intimacy with God, the same as the disciples experienced when Christ breathed upon them. This new intimacy brings the healing touch of God into our lives. Are you hurting today? Are you suffering physically from a sickness or maybe an accident? Maybe you have been devastated by the circumstances of life. You are suffering from a broken heart and desperately need His healing breath. His Spirit is the power of God that raised Jesus up from the dead. His Spirit will awaken, quicken, heal, restore and even sustain you. Nothing is too big for His power, and nothing is too small or insignificant for His love. How can you experience what the disciples experienced when Jesus breathed on them? Remember what He said as He breathed, “Receive the Holy Spirit”. Maybe He is saying the same to you today. Let down your defenses and open your heart to His love. His breath will heal your broken heart and your ailing body. His breath is life itself.


  1. The Holy Spirit and our Guardian Angels that minister and camp around us, protect us more than we really know.
    The other day i was surrounded by people laughing in the Holy Spirit. I really wanted to step into His presence but i had an urgent request from God, that he would lead me to witness to strangers anywhere at anytime and please show me their faces. After an amazing 25 to 30 new faces, the Holy Spirit allowed me to feel a warm Laughter and it overtook me. As i was laughing over the victory the new faces were going to experience in Jesus, I ask God to increase my spiritual senses.
    Once I shut my bedroom door and the outside noise died down, A very strange thing happened evil faces started comming in my mind, stronger than anything i could imagine. I rebuked them ten different ways but they came stronger and stronger. I asked God to please change my Guardian Angels and why would they let the evil spirits attack me like that when all of the sudden i remembered to pray it thru in tongues untill i felt the evil attack quit.
    After they left, it came to my mind when I prayed in tongues so many times before, attacking their strongholds, and found myself behind the Enemy’s Front Line rushing into battle like David did.
    (Sometimes i speak tongues over America and break apart their evil spells. Daniel 8:23 & Daniel 10:13)
    The Holy Spirit and my Guardian Angels did not let me down they have been protecting my Front Line More than i ever imagined.
    I Love You JESUS!

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