Ps. 85:6 Will You not revive us again,
That Your people may rejoice in You?

All of mankind has a hunger for revival, most just can’t identify what that hunger is. The Psalmist expressed the feelings of our hearts in this short verse, “Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You?” All of us want to be happy, few realize that happiness, that deep down in your soul kind of happiness, only comes from the Lord. Throughout the ages God has come down amongst His people in revival. Whenever He comes down, joy is part of the package. Check out this testimony from Graham Truscott’s book “The Power of His Presence”.

“Laughter in church? Why, say some, the very thought seems sacrilegious. And yet some Christians will laugh at ridiculous, trivial amusements, and think nothing of it. The greatest joy in all the world is the joy which Jesus gives-the joy of the Lord, and they laugh, whose heart He makes merry.
One of the greatest outpourings of the Holy Spirit ever to take place in India occurred more than sixty years ago (it has now been over 100 years, it happened about about 1905) at Kedgaon, 30 miles from Poona. As the Holy Spirit fell at Ramabai Mukti Mission, literal fire was seen. Hundreds were baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire according to the promise of the Lord, and hundreds more were saved. Scriptural manifestations of the Power of God were witnessed, including shaking, dancing before the Lord, speaking with tongues, laughter, praise and worship, and many more.”

Most people don’t associate laughter with spirituality, but as strange as it sounds, laughter has always been associated with outpourings of the Spirit. From the upper room at Pentecost to Fetter Lane with the Wesleys, from Edward’s church in Northampton to Azusa Street, laughter has almost always been associated with revival.
I’ll never forget the shock I felt when I saw the videos from the revival in Rockwall, Texas in 1994. I was shocked when I saw ministers I knew laughing uncontrollably under the influence of the Spirit. I was so shocked that I got on a plane and flew to Rockwall to see for myself. What I witnessed in person was even more shocking. To see hundreds of people from different countries, cultures, and denominational traditions overwhelmed with joy was the most shocking thing I had ever seen. I couldn’t believe this was church. The most powerful thing of all was the atmosphere, it seemed that the stronger the expressions of joy became, the more the atmosphere was filled with the holy awareness of God. It was all beyond words. After several days of being “an observer” in those meetings, that holy atmosphere began to rub off on me, I was being effected and was not aware of the impact on my life. Before I realized what was happening, there I was, stuck to the floor under the mighty hand of God, filled with what Peter called, “unspeakable joy”. That has been almost 18 years ago at this writing, I am still enjoying the ramifications of that outpouring upon my life.

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