2Tim. 4:7-8 I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.

Dick Mills has gone on to his heavenly reward. He will be sorely missed. I was blessed to be introduced to Dick in 1976 in a service in Kerman, California. Our relationship continued as he has ministered in our church once or twice a year since our church began in 1978. I have considered him my mentor and friend throughout my entire ministry. From Brother Mills I learned to appreciate the written word. His hunger for the word of God was contagious, it influenced me greatly. From him I learned the importance of studying the scripture in the original languages. He taught me the importance of word studies and lexicons. I will never forget the night he stayed in my home about thirty years ago. About five in the morning he knocked at my door with a pot of coffee. I followed him to his room to find the floor covered with Bible translations and commentaries. He had obviously been up for several hours devouring God’s word. His hunger effected me profoundly.
I also learned to value and appreciate the anointing of the Holy Spirit from Dick. I remember being stunned in that first service in Kerman as he ministered prophetically by the Spirit. That was the first time I saw people falling out in the power of God. The experiences of that day made a permanent impression on me. Years later, early in 1995, Brother Dick called me from Toronto. He was in renewal services at the Toronto Airport Church. He was so excited as he told me about the fresh outpouring he was experiencing there. This was enormously encouraging to me in New Orleans. We also were experiencing the same strange outpouring of the Spirit, his embracing of that move was a huge encouragement to me.
A few weeks later Dick came to minister in our church. As soon as he came into the service he stopped in his tracks and turned to me and said, “This is the same thing I felt as a young man in Angeles Temple”. He said that the Azusa Street outpouring continued for about thirty years. He said it was the same as that new outpouring of the Spirit of God. He went on to say that those early Pentecostals were tired of being criticized. They backed off of the anointing and lost the manifest presence that had birthed their movement.
Yes, Dick Mills will be greatly missed. Thankfully, thousands have been effected by his ministry and will continue his legacy. The legacy that he left me was being Protestant and Pentecostal, for that I make no apologies. In the last year our church purchased the Dick Mills library. It is quite amazing with over 5000 volumes many of which have been out of print for many years. Every time I study in that library I will remember Dick and give thanks to the Lord for that special man of God.


  1. Thank you for sharing the history of your special relationship with Dick Mills. His life has touched so many.

  2. What a blessing to have a person as this man as an example and a good friend, that had a great impact on you and many! we all have people that have made impacts on us forever! They are so great to have, This Brother is In the best place now.When saints go home they are missed but what they did and their example lives forever , and the things they taught us, I miss Brothers and sisters that have gone on to be with the Lord,

  3. I remember you telling that story of Dick Mills knocking on your door at five in the morning some years ago Pastor Frank. I love hearing it again and it creates a Desire in me to want that same hunger. That type of hunger can do nothing but bring a harvest of blessings.

  4. I am sorry for your loss and i will be praying for you and brother Mill’s family. It is hard not to have a loved one around but it is a great comfort to know we will see our dear one in Christ again soon.
    Much love in Christ,
    brother Larry.

  5. Thank you Pastor Frank for sharing his life with us and pouring out what he has poured into you and Pastor Parris and teaching us to hunger for Christ as Dick Mills life showed to you others. We love you and appreciate you both.The Hebert’s:)

  6. He surely was a part of our church, a contributor who shared the unique gifts from God with many. God talked to me many times through the years through Brother Dick’s ministry. I will miss his deep laugh, and his clap and jump when he got real excited. 2 Peter 4: 7-8 was the perfect choice. I hope we can all live to quote this for ourselves. See you later Dick Mills.

  7. Dick Mills was a true living epistle. I’m so grateful for the blessing he was to our church. What an honor to be part of a church that’s sharing Christ in His fullness. Thank you Pastor Frank for standing strong.

  8. We will miss him. He isnpired me so much with his love of the word and an amazing memory. He gave me a word in 1989 that the Lord would give me SUPER DOOPER STRENGTH to do what He had prepared for me. That one has held me for many years. Thank you for sharing him with us.

  9. Thank you Pastor Frank for those wonderful words about my father. He really loved you and your wife. You both held a special place in his heart.
    Debbie Booth

  10. Special people always give birth to special people. That makes you special Pastor Frank! Thank you for allowing me to enjoy your special memories of your very special friend on this Memorial Day weekend. Be Blessed!

  11. Dick Mills was a special man and it was an honor and privilege to know him. Heaven has received one of its precious ones! What fun he must be having with the One he loves so dearly. Blessings on his family, especially his wife, Betty.

  12. I’m so happy that my friend dick mills has entered into Gods awesome presence! Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ! Matthew 5:12,Revelation 22:12,1 Timothy 5:18,2 John 1:8. God bless you my fellow citizens of the Kingdom of God!

  13. I remember when Dick Mills came to our school back then in 1976. He shared a lot of verses with people. He pointed them out, and just said it. The verse he said over me was I.Timothy 4:12; “..Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.” He said this same verse to several others, but that didn´t matter to me. It was a Rhema word from God, and remained with me for years. He also ministered in the churches of good friends of mine who are pastors. He was amazing! I´m sure God will raise up one to fill his shoes!

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