Matt. 14:14 And when Jesus went out He saw a great multitude; and He was moved with compassion for them, and healed their sick.

What a beautiful, practical description of the effect of the love of God. The greek word for ‘moved with compassion’ is quite descriptive. It literally means to me moved in your intestines. Jesus was spiritually and physically effected by the compassion of God for the hurting people that were following Him that day. This same love resides inside of every Christian. Sometimes it is latent, waiting to be released in ministry to the hurting of this world.
I recognized this strange phenomenon working in me in a most unlikely way. It was an unusually miserable day at the egg ranch (my job when I attended Bible School). I was having to work late, doing someone else’s, job when I found myself literally stumbling into a homeless man who had wandered into our egg ranch. I was tired, working late, probably late for class that night (not to mention the retching stink of chicken mess on my clothes). I had always had a distaste for the homeless, remember I was a new born Christian, still dealing with my own huge, carnal issues. That’s when it happened, I felt compassion stirring in my body for this homeless man. I recognized immediately the supernatural nature of this love, I knew it didn’t come from me, this was the love of God stirring deep within my body. Charles Spurgeon describes this amazing love in his comments on the miracle of the loaves and fish.

“When he left the boat and went forth, our Lord found a congregation waiting for him. In the most emphatic sense he saw the people, and at the sight he was burdened. He was not angry at the great multitude, nor did he show disappointment at being balked in his pursuit of quiet; but he was moved with compassion. The original word is very expressive: his whole being was stirred to its lower depth, and therefore he proceeded at once to work miracles of mercy among them. They unasked, he received them tenderly, he blessed them graciously, and at length fed them bountifully. He was as a stag that fled from the huntsman; but they had overtaken him, and he yielded himself to them. To those who needed him most he attended first: ‘He healed their sick!’ Lord, heal thou me, for I am sick in soul, if not in body!”

Whether you realize it or not, if you are born again, God’s supernatural love for the hurting of this world resides in you. You might have a hard shell on the outside or may be you are consumed with your own hurt, but rest assured, the Lord will not rest until His love is displayed in you. Why is this so important? Two reasons, first, this is how He reaches the broken in this world. He uses imperfect vessels like you. Second, this is the way out of your problems, it is in pouring out His love that we experience His healing love displayed in us.


  1. Im sure glad the Lord uses un perfet people and dwells in us and changes us to what He wants flaws and all, This is grace unearned, only by His love and mercy. no way we could ever have this outside of the lord, I know some that wont go threw the lords door but think they can find it in many ways, as far as the world goes the world looks at them as great people and they are the blind leading the blind. No faith in the Lordship and salvation of Jesus, I feel very sorry for them, some of these people I know, some Im related to, I think its pride and they cant see Gods gift but they have to earn it, Salvation cant be earned Its a free gift if we will take it, we have fellowship with the Father and the Son led by The Holy Spirit that dwells in us, there is no regeneration outside of this, no real love but supperficial, almost as dead as religion with out Gods love. id ruther be who I am with God working in my life, unperfect but under his grace seeing Him move in all our lives being our pilot not our copilot, as that bumpersticker says. If we walk in this way the Lords love will flow in us and we will have compassion like He does .

  2. Learning new things comes slow to me! I learn at a slower rate than the average person! But still God helped get out of all my L.D. Classes,get a high school diploma,pass my military exams to become a soldier,even make it into college,then he helped me keep a job from 13yrs old till 45yrs old,and now he’s allowing me to receive unemployment! Wow! Romans 9:11-18. Romans 12:25-26. God bless you my fellow citizens of Zion!

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