Merry Monday by Parris Bailey

“Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God.” Is.40:1

This verse is announcing the coming advent of the Messiah. Israel’s punishment was over and the need for restoration to the source of life in God had come. The word comfort has some interesting meanings, ‘to cause to breathe again, brave together, strengthener and to fortify”. One of the titles of the Holy Spirit is the Comforter. He certainly becomes our “covert” in the storms of life. He is more than a consolation in sorrow or trial, but we can have encouragement and divine strength to meet and handle life’s crisis. The comfort of God is rooted in fellowship with him and getting an adequate thought of God.
The Interpreter Bible puts it this way: “Those who turn to God in their deep need find that he responds. Apart from Him, this is a tragic world, without meaning and purpose, or hope. Only through the tragic sense of life do we realize the wonder of God’s grace. Against the background of a shattered world the love of God in Christ becomes real and radiant. It makes the trouble bearable. It delivers us from the fear of this crushing universe. It fills life with hope and takes us out of the grip of loneliness. So this vision of God’s love brings with it inner reinforcement. The picture of Christ upon the cross becomes our flag in the thick of battle. The only real comfort in face of misfortune comes through accepting it in the knowledge that blight can be turned into blessing.”
The comforter has come, will you be willing to once again let the breath of the almighty wrap you, fortify and strengthen you. Let his breath be your breath and with Him you can bravely face your day. Many times we lose our perspective when we feel hemmed in on every side. But thank God we have a choice either to trust in our own power or arm of the flesh or run into the Shadow of the Almighty. There is a sorrow that God alone comforts, there are trials that bring Him closer to us and reveal Him to us as “the God of all comfort.”

When I feel the cold of winter
Endless cloak of sadness, I need You
All the evil things that shake me
All the words that break me, I need You

Over the mountains, over the sea
Here You come running, my Lover, to me
Do not hide me from Your presence
Pull me from these shadows, I need You
Beauty, wrap Your arms around me
Sing Your song of kindness, I need You

Over the mountains, over the sea
Here, You come running, my Lover, to me.
All through the valleys, through the dark of night
Here You come running, to hold me, til’ it’s light.
Over the mountains, over the sea
Here You come running, my Lover, to me.
All through the valleys, through the dark of night.
Here You come running, to hold me
‘Til it’s light.


  1. God can save a person in the most horrible predicament. A minister preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in Africa lead general bucknaked ln the sinners pray just recently! Before he received Jesus Christ into his life he commanded about several thousand children in his military unit. He would take infant babies and cut their hearts out! After which he would eat them and pray to satan for victories in battle! A minister named Donnie swaggart was talking about him.

  2. I enjoyed reading that.I know about his comfort because I have gone through trials and have failed plenty in the eyes of others but have felt comfortant by the lord when no one else understood. And that comfort gave confidence to know he is with me when no one stands by me.The comfort I experience is blessings given to me that I do not earn but tell me iam loved.

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