Eph. Amp. 3:8 To me, though I am the very least of all the saints (God’s consecrated people), this grace (favor, privilege) was granted and graciously entrusted: to proclaim to the Gentiles the unending (boundless, fathomless, incalculable, and exhaustless) riches of Christ [wealth which no human being could have searched out],

This is one of my favorite passages of scripture, especially in the Amplified Bible. Paul describes in this verse the incalculable riches found in the message of God’s grace. He seems to be almost surprised at God’s choice of him, the chief of sinners, to preach this indescribable message. Some people almost act as if they deserve the grace of God. Paul recognized that his life fell far short of God’s standard of righteousness, his only hope was this boundless message of grace. He felt as if He was the most fortunate man alive. Charles Spurgeon, known as the prince of preachers, tries desperately to explain the un explainable, even he falls woefully short. Check out his words.

” I will be their God. Here is a deep sea of bliss, a shoreless ocean of delight; come, bathe thy spirit in it; swim an age, and thou shalt find no shore; dive throughout eternity, and thou shalt find no bottom. I will be their God. If this do not make thine eyes sparkle, and thy heart beat high with bliss, then assuredly thy soul is not in a healthy state. But thou wantest more than present delights-thou cravest something concerning which thou mayest exercise hope; and what more canst thou hope for than the fulfilment of this great promise, I will be their God? This is the masterpiece of all the promises; its enjoyment makes a heaven below, and will make a heaven above. Dwell in the light of thy Lord, and let thy soul be always ravished with his love. Get out the marrow and fatness which this portion yields thee. Live up to thy privileges, and rejoice with unspeakable joy.”

Actually, the Holy Spirit is this boundless ocean that Spurgeon is trying desperately to explain. Throughout the ages men and women of God have experienced the outpouring of His presence. The end result, they become preachers of the grace of God like Paul. Trying to track the untraceable caught up in a search that never ends. For me, it started in a simple conversation one night on the lakefront in New Orleans. Almost 40 years later I am still trying to comprehend what happened that night, still on my quest to proclaim the gospel of His grace to whomsoever will. Who knows the whys and the wherefores of the grace of God. All I know is that I have been captured by something bigger than me, someone with a plan far beyond anything I can begin to understand. Paul never thought in his wildest dreams that he would preach Christ to the gentiles, unthinkable. For me on the lakefront in 1973, I never dreamed in a million lifetimes that I would be a preacher. Now, along with countless others, I am tracking the untrackable and swimming in this bottomless ocean of God’s love.

4 Replies to “I WILL BE THEIR GOD”

  1. Hallelujah and Hallelujah, I’m with Him also Pastor Frank, I’ve been captured by His Grace not mine. This awesomeness Holy Spirit has just captured me gave me Grace, Joy,Mercy. Lord Praise your Holy name. What a touch, what an amazement, what an awesome change in a blink of an eye, no words, I am lost for words for what He is doing in me daily. I sit home, and just say to myself sometimes, how in the world did this happen. You don’t want to know how I used to be, but again that’s my Testimony.But as i started reading my Bible it explains it. Ha, what an excitement and a new beginning He has given me. Thank you for your grace Lord and Holy Spirit. It’s all because of you. Count me in Pastor, i can remember walking through the Church in Baton Rouge to go see Jesus Culture concert and I looked around when I got in there and I actually was standing there in Church waiting for the concert to start talking with Dad= Jesus, and told Him i want One of these, a Church. Go figure, me. Wow, talk about transformation. Thank ypu also Paul for your stories to let me know what He REALLY can do. WHAT A CHANGE OF LIFE. I know, I see, I feel i touch, I taste, I drink, I everything in the Lord. Good morning Dad, its so great. I’m so in Love with You and want the whole world to know what You have done for me, by your Grace. I was so unworthy, but He loved me anyway. Blessings Pastor Frank, see you in a couple of hours to Worship our Lord. With LOVE. ;). HE IS THERE, HALLELUAH

  2. The Amplified Bible rocks, it is one of my favorites, so rich and full of the full expressions of each word in the text.

    Thank God for His loving and merciful heart for without it we would all be lost (and deservedly so). Thank God for His gift of grace that none deserve, and not one can earn; It is a gift of Love- gifts then are not earned but should be gratefully received. It is His grace that causes us to see our true condition (like Paul struck blind that he might truly see), and this came grace is able to make all things abound unto us for every good work.
    Thank God (again) for this gift of Love. It is to be received by faith (like all His gifts), and though we are not worthy of it by any standard. But He has made us worthy of it through the imputed righteousness of His own Son; We cannot earn this but can walk in it by faith in His goodness.
    If one looks close enough at the scripture- those who truly grasp the nature of God’s grace, look upon themselves as absolutely undeserving (like the Apostle Paul), and by this same grace; walk the walk of Love, move mountains for Christ, and all with a true holiness, and humility.
    I am not trying to put butter on anyone bread- true honor comes from God. Still I see you Pastor as a man of extraordinary calling (apostleship?) , doing great things for God with a humility that belies that mantel. This grace clothed in humility is a true expression of Love- thanks for being a huge blessing in my life and the life of my family.
    Much love in Christ,
    your brother Larry.

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