Eph. 4:8 Therefore He says:
“When He ascended on high,
He led captivity captive,
And gave gifts to men.”

This scripture opens to us the source of blessing we receive in Christ. Peter preached that Jesus ascended into heaven and received the promise of the Father. He didn’t just receive this gift for Himself (He enjoyed that from eternity). He received the Promise as a man, as a representative of all those that believe in Him. As today’s scripture says, He gave gifts to men. All of the gifts He gives to us are in the person of the Holy Spirit. As we are baptized, or saturated in the Spirit we are receiving all of the gifts necessary for our walk with Christ. I recently came across an excellent quote by Isaac Ambrose. He was a nonconformist pastor in England in the 1600’s and was ejected from the church for his beliefs. Here is a rather lengthy quote on this gift, please read it, it is well worth your time.

“No sooner is Christ inaugurated in his throne, but he scatters his coin, and gives gifts. He gives gifts, or the gift of gifts, the gift of the Holy Ghost. “If thou knewest the gift of God,” said Christ to the Samaritan woman: that gift was the water of life, and that water of life was the Spirit, as John, who knew best his mind, gave the interpretation, “This spake he of the Spirit.”. O my soul, consider of this princely gift of Christ! Such a gift was never before, but when God gave his Son. “God so loved the world, that he gave his Son;” and Christ so loved the world, that he gave his Spirit. But, O my soul, consider especially to whom this Spirit was given; the application of the gift is the very soul of thy meditation: “unto us a Son is given,” saith the prophet; and “unto us the Holy Ghost is given,” saith the apostle; and yet above all consider the reasons of this gift in reference to thyself. Was it not to make thee a temple and receptacle of the Holy Ghost? Stand a while on this! Admire, O my soul, at the condescending, glorious, and unspeakable love of Christ in this! It was infinite love to come down into our nature when he was incarnate; but this is more, to come down into thy heart by his Holy Spirit: he came near to us then, but as if that were not near enough, he comes nearer now, for now he unites himself unto thy person, now he comes and dwells in thy soul by his Holy Spirit.”

Today, Jesus is still seated at the Father’s right hand pouring out gifts, better yet, pouring out the gift. Jesus came to this earth to acquire the Promise of the Father. His death for our sins made this possible. We now have access to God. At this very moment, The Lord has gifts to impart into your life. Worship Him, drink in His goodness, you will find yourself filled to overflowing enjoying the Promise of the Father.

4 Replies to “HE GAVE GIFTS TO MEN”

  1. James 1:13-21. Gods words are but a gift them selves my friends! Isaiah 1:18-26. Head his warning of troubling times!

  2. Hallelujah to the King of Kings, I just love the way that sounds, how Powerful, how straight forward with Truth, how Amazing the King really is.
    What Promises, He promised that is taken place as I text this word right now. His words, as you speak them out of your mouth are so Powerful, rich, and made by Him. How sweet it is to be able to speak His powerful words.
    Ephesians 2:6-7, and God raised (us)up with Christ and seated (us) with Him (in) the heavenly realms (in) Christ Jesus. In order that (in) the coming ages He might SHOW the incomparable riches of His GRACE, expressed (in) His kindness to us in Jesus Christ.
    Hallelujah, God (gave) Jesus so that He could have more Sons to (love) and give to_ and He plans to spend the Eons=(Indefinitely long time period: AGE) OF TIME DOING JUST=(EXACTLY) THAT. 😉 What a future we have to look forward to.
    Pastor Frank, Blessings I Love You. And I just say hold on its going to be an awesome ride. Glory, Honor and Praise to our KING. HAVE AN AWESOME DAY, WITH LOVE. Thank you for your daily blogs. Holy Spirit thank You, Most of all Thank you Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus our Savior.

  3. The ride started when we were Born and He saves the best for last, today, everyday, forever, Hallelujah, I love you Jesus. Eons, ha, whew.

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