Psa. 2:11 Serve the LORD with fear,
and rejoice with trembling.

To the non-spiritual, rejoicing and trembling aren’t even on the same playing field. Rejoicing is associated with things like a last minute victory for your team, an unexpected check in the mail, or an an extended vacation with all expenses paid. Trembling is something totally disconnected with joy and is more closely related to the anticipation of the dropping of the proverbial second shoe. It could be the anticipation of a report from the doctor, the delivery of the pink slip, or the fear produced by a threatening enemy who is much stronger and better equipped than you.
In today’s verse we see a different kind of joy and a different kind of trembling. Of all people David was familiar with the joy of The Lord. David would often sing, play his stringed instrument, and dance with all his might in the presence of The Lord. He described extreme, extravagant joy in God’s presence. At the same time, David knew the fear of The Lord. When you experience the mighty glory of His presence, fear is the result. Suddenly you find yourself in that joy unspeakable state and trembling before the mighty presence of God. Martin Luther spoke of rejoicing and trembling, check out his thoughts.

“So we should fear God in a way that doesn’t entirely exclude joy. It should be a genuine joy—a joy that can’t be kept bottled up in our hearts. When we truly believe that we have been reconciled to God because of Christ, we will have a smile on our face, a twinkle in our eyes, and a song of praise on our lips. The Holy Spirit tells us to serve our heavenly King with inward and outward joy, combined with reverence. If we don’t, we’ll become overconfident. We’ll start acting like animals and sink into lustful human pleasures. If we make sure we don’t become overconfident, then God won’t be offended by our happiness. In fact, he’s offended by sadness and demands joy. That’s why people who were in mourning were not allowed to bring God sacrifices, and why the offerings in Malachi were unacceptable to God (Malachi 2:13). We have to mix joy with fear and mix fear with hope.”

How can you describe that strange, almost conflicting experience of rejoicing with trembling? No words can describe it to someone who has not been born again. For the saved, rejoicing and trembling is at the heart of our relationship with God. We sing, dance, and break into laughter when we hear of the great work God has done for us in Christ. We are reminded of His matchless grace and our hearts can’t stop singing, we hear of our redemption from sin’s power and tears of joy pour down our face, we find ourselves in his glorious presence and we are on our faces, trembling in the presence of this Mighty God.
“Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and you perish in the way, for his wrath is quickly kindled. Blessed are all who take refuge in him.”

5 thoughts on “REJOICE AND TREMBLE”

  1. Thank you jesus for the great work you done for us in christ! Thank you for your matchless grace! Thank you for our life in christ!

  2. Scott ericksenfamily

    Amen. The best way I can describe it is when u are given the revelation who you are and how bad your flesh is but to know that his flesh was given up for you to be excepted by our lord. You begin to experience that love but also know that it’s a scary thing to be in this flesh and u are cautious before him to never serve in it but only by his spirit. It’s like u are always cautious what else is not surrended to him. So u stay humble waiting patiently to not step out of line but at the same time know that u are free.

  3. Wow, Yes, Praise our LORD, How POWERFUL HE IS. Just a little testimony, last night my wife and I had a food banquet down in the quarter. We helped serve people of 70. Was walking through the quarter to get to our destination PRAISING MY MIGHTY KING for pulling me out of that mess I use to be in every weekend. Walking and praying for my Brothers and Sisters as I walked. Wow how joyful I was I just kept thanking Him. We arrived at our destination for 2:00p.m..event ended at 9:30 that night, as we left we were on our way back to our car on St. Louis st. Had to cross Bourbon st. As ok viewed and looked around it was kicking/ people drunk and getting drunk looking at all the pretty girl, hooting and loud. (THANK YOU LORD FOR OPENING MY EYES) Well as I looked and passed, it reminded (me) when I was in that dungeon. Well I can tell you, it really really really felt awesome to pass through that so called DUNGEON/SIN party and say MY FATHER HAS CAPTURED ME AND SCOOPED ME OUT OF THAT MESS with a smile on my face. My wife walking on the side of me going home with her. I LOVE YOU JESUS AND FEAR YOU MY KING. THANK YOU, I now know I can walk through there, NOT that I want to be there, but with His POWER AND HIM walking with me, (WE) can overcome anything.
    O YEAH, by the way my wife and I were walking to the car with two plates of food carrying them in the opening and as we were walking one of the walkers asked if we were going to eat that and I said yes, he passed and was a ways down the street, my wife looked over at me and said give him a plate, I smiled at her and said Thank You Jesus. Turned around called out loud down the street in the large crowd, he turned around and waved him back. Gave him a plate of the food and pointed to the sky and said Jesus Loves you to him, He smiled and said the jelly fish to. I told him HE MADE IT ALL.

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