Acts 19:9,10  (Paul)  took the disciples with him, reasoning daily in the hall of Tyrannus.
This continued for two years, so that all the residents of Asia heard the word of the Lord, both Jews and Greeks.

There are some things in this chapter of the book of Acts that are quite shocking. It says that all of Asia (modern day Turkey) heard the gospel during those two years. Think about it, no television, newspapers, radio, or social media and all of Asia hears the word of God in two years. Obviously news of the meetings in Ephesus spread throughout that region, many came and were touched and brought the message back to their community. It also speaks of unusual miracles. Clothes were taken from Paul’s body; whoever they touched were healed or even delivered from demon activity. It even goes on to say that there was mass repentance in Ephesus; in Ephesus?!  Ephesus was known for its immorality and pagan religious practices. What could have precipitated mass repentance?
The answer can be quite revolutionary. It was those daily meetings. They were meeting from 10-4, according to historians, for two years. The anointing began to increase. The anointing is also transferable or you might say, contagious. Everyone in those meetings were not only mightily affected, they became carriers of the anointing. The city and region were being transformed by the power of spiritual saturation.

If you look at the first few verses of Acts 19, you will see the powerful secret to the power of these meetings. These twelve disciples that met with Paul were all baptized with the Holy Spirit. The baptism in the Holy Spirit is not really emphasized in many churches today, this lack of emphasis is what produces powerless churches. A key to the importance of the Spirit baptism is seen in the word baptism itself. You see the word baptism means to be immersed into a substance. It was the word used for dying fabric, turning a white cloth into a purple cloth. It is also the word used when referring to making a pickle out of a cucumber. The key in fabric and cucumbers is staying immersed into the substance long enough to take on the characteristics of that substance. Once a cucumber stays immersed into vinegar for a set amount of time there is no turning back, that pickle will never be a cucumber again.

As for us, we need to take on the nature of Christ to change us and to effect our world. How do we take on His nature? We have to be immersed into Him. Just once or once in a while is not enough. We have to be immersed (baptized) into His Spirit long enough to experience permanent  transformation. Let the pickling begin!!!

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  1. I believe that spending time in Gods presence is a must! Reading about God in the bible is definitely needed! Otherwise you’ll fall for a false profits lies! The most accurate bible is the King James.(1611 version) Although many preachers and scholars believe that the King James Bible is outdated. But it’s really one of the best translations of the original bible around! The words they used made all the difference! Words like harvest, wheat, tares, wicked tree, Righteous tree, sift, yoke, chariot, lamp stand, wick, tithe, ark, and etc. It would be nice to read the bible in Hebrew and Greek. But none the less still do the Lord and myself spend time together!
    I truly love Lord God each and every message that you have ever sent me! This adventure you have sent me and my fellow Christians on is quite grand! Use each one of us God to glorify yourself! Oh yeah! Keep fighting the good fight of faith Pastor Frank and Paris!

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