Ps 36:8 They are abundantly satisfied with the fullness of Your house,

And You give them drink from the river of Your pleasures.
The Lord has a way of taking care of our whole life, the spiritual and the natural are covered by the blessing of the Lord. David spoke here of the blessing of his Father’s house. I am sure he had his Father Jesse’s house as well as His heavenly Father’s house in mind. David came from a prominent family in Bethlehem. He had great memories of his father’s house. I can remember having those feelings, especially when I was struggling to make ends meet with my young family. My father’s house was like a refuge, a place of blessing and abundance. Parris and I would load the kids into the van and head to my father’s house, we knew the fridge would be full. David was also thinking of the abundance of His heavenly Father’s house. The spiritual blessings flow like a river, a river of life that never runs dry. Here are some thoughts from John Calvin on the blessings of the Father’s house.
“I have no doubt that by the fatness of God’s house the prophet means the abundance of good things which is not designed for all men indiscriminately, but is laid up in store for the children of God who commit themselves wholly to his protection. Some restrict the expression to spiritual graces; but to me it seems more likely, that under it are comprehended all the blessings that are necessary to the happiness and comfort of the present life, as well as those which pertain

to eternal and heavenly blessedness. It ought, however, to be observed, that in the style of speaking which the prophet here employs, the use of earthly blessings is connected with the gracious experience of faith, in the exercise of which we can alone enjoy them rightfully and lawfully to our own welfare. When the ungodly glut themselves with the abundance of God’s benefits, their bodies indeed grow fat like the flesh of cattle or swine, but their souls are always empty and famished. It is the faithful alone, as I have said, who are satisfied with the goodness of God towards them, because it is to them a pledge of his fatherly love.”
There is a carnal ‘fatness’ that comes from carnal indulgence. There is also a spiritual ‘fatness’ that comes from delighting in the abundance of our Father’s house. What kind of ‘fat’ are you?


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