Pas. 133:1 ¶ Behold, how good and how pleasant it is

For brethren to dwell together in unity!

God’s creation is absolutely bursting out with pictures of God’s kingdom and of God Himself. Recently, Parris and I were snorkeling and saw all sorts of God’s creatures in the sea. It was quite amazing, if you would be still and “flow” you were no longer a spectator or intruder but you found yourself as part of the “dance”. We saw starfish, sea urchins, and of course a wide range of fish. There was a large sea snake and a sting ray and sometimes you would be surrounded by thousands of small fish. I think the thing that grabbed my attention the most was the group of squids that were flowing in a formation (a group of squids is called a squad). It was as if they were not a group of creatures but were actually flowing as one in some sort of formation. It reminded me of the local church when it is flowing together as one in the ocean of God’s presence. There are always obstacles that try to take us out of the flow and causes us to strike out on our own. The place of safety and blessing is to stay in formation, moving together as one in the flow of His Spirit. Here are some thoughts from William Bridge on today’s verse.
“It is a pleasant thing for the saints and people of God to agree together; for the same word which is used here for “pleasant”, is used also in the Hebrew for a harmony of music, such as when they rise to the highest strains of the viol, when the strings are all put in order to make up a harmony; so pleasant is it, such pleasantness is there in the saints’ agreement. The same word is used also in the Hebrew for the pleasantness of a corn field. When a field is clothed with corn, though it be cut down, yet it is very pleasant, oh, how pleasant is it; and such is the saints’ agreement. The same word in the Psalmist is used also for the sweetness of honey, and of sweet things in opposition to bitter things. And thus you see the pleasantness of it, by its being compared to the harmony of music, to the corn field, to the sweetness of honey, to the precious ointment that ran down Aaron’s beard, and to the dew that fell upon Hermon and the hills of Zion: and all this to discover the pleasantness, profitableness, and sweetness of the saints’ agreement.”
So if you feel a little out of step get back in the flow. You can’t stay full of the Spirit, full of God’s love, and be out of step with His people. Become like the squid and flow with the squad.

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