Mic. 5:5 And he shall be their peace.

Micah prophesied a different kind of peace when the Messiah appears. Peace had been a non-existent kind of myth since those days in the garden. Enmity with God, conflicts among men, and turmoil in the soul had replaced the peace Adam and Eve had known in the beginning. Facing the fall and destruction of Jerusalem, Micah spoke about another day. He said a ruler would be born in Bethlehem and He would be a champion of peace. Not just a surface level peace because no war was taking place, but a spiritual peace that permeates your whole being and begins to effect your world. This is Isaiah’s Prince of Peace and He was born in Bethlehem that first Christmas Day. Here are some words from John Trappe on this passage.

“Winds and tempests will arise, and that upon the Church. Assyrians and Babylonians (Nimrod’s brats) will invade and infest her; but that famous he before mentioned shall be her peace, her Prince of peace, Isaiah 9:6, who giveth her peace internal, external, eternal, called by the apostle life and peace, Romans 8:6. This peace, peace, as Isaiah calleth it, Isaiah 26:3, that is, a multiplied, renewed, continued peace; this peace of country and of conscience, as God hath promised, and Christ hath purchased. He merited and made it through the blood of his cross. And hence it was, that as he was brought from heaven with that song of peace, so he returned up again with that farewell of peace, John 14:27, left to the world the doctrine of peace, Ephesians 2:17, whose ministers are messengers of peace, Romans 10:15, whose followers are the children of peace, Luke 10:6, whose rarity is in the bond of peace, Ephesians 4:3, and whose duty is the study of peace, Romans 12:18, and to whom God hath promised “I will give peace in your land.”
All of us have those enemies that work havoc in our lives. The solution? Turn your attention fully on this Prince of Peace. It is from Him that peace fills our soul. Looking at our dilemmas only depends the problem. So let’s go to Bethlehem again and find this One spoken of by the ancient prophet. Joining together with the other shepherds and wise men in Bethlehem is where it all changes. The Prince of Peace has come, bow before Him and let His work of peace work in you.

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