And in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea.
Matthew 14:25
What a day it had been for the disciples. They had seen some incredible miracles. Blind people, deaf-mutes, paralyzed, lepers and those tormented by demons… all had been healed. The crowds were immense. Jesus had fed over 5000 people with just a little boy’s lunch. What a day! But now, all those miracles seemed like a distant memory. The disciples were rowing their boat across the sea, and Jesus was off praying on some mountain. It was dark, incredibly dark. The wind was blowing and waves were crashing over the bow. Their lives seemed to be in danger. The miracles of the day had become a distant memory. That warm afternoon sun, the joyful singing and the incredible teaching all seemed so long ago. The waves and wind had swallowed the joy of the afternoon, and now they looked like they were about to swallow the disciples themselves. Suddenly, the disciples saw something coming toward them on the water. Was it a ghost or some sort of demonic manifestation? Surely their lives were over. But then Peter recognized Jesus. Jesus was coming to them, walking on the water. Jesus was coming, cloaked in the turmoil of the storm. The Lord loves to hide Himself in the storms of our lives. Just when all seems lost, there He is. He knows that when we are at the bottom, our hearts can begin to open to Him like never before. Maybe you are in a great storm today. All seems lost. What else could possibly go wrong? If you will look out into the darkness of your storm, you may see Jesus coming your way.

Job was a man also familiar with storms. Storms of one sort or another had stolen everything

that was precious to him. Adding insult to injury he could see another storm approaching on the horizon but this one proved to be quite different. Out of this storm Job heard the voice of the Lord, he heard the Lord say something like, “Get on your feet and face me like a man”. Job was about to have a God encounter. The other storms had stolen his family and his property, this one a was about to give everything back. What was the difference, the Lord was walking in the midst of this storm. Maybe you feel like you have lost so much you have nothing left to lose, sounds like you are ready for a divine visitation.

2 thoughts on “HE LIVES IN THE STORM ”

  1. Without my faith, I would have been overcome a time or two when times got tough and depression has set in. The Lord has been by my side to help me cope.

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