Mark 5:30 And Jesus, perceiving in himself that power had gone out from him, immediately turned about in the crowd and said, “Who touched my garments?”

Miracles seemed to be in the air when Jesus came to town. Many times the people would line the streets with the injured and diseased when Jesus came through their town or village. Many would just touch the edge of His robe and experience the miracle power of the Lord. The blind, the deaf and mute, the paralyzed, and the lepers were healed by coming into contact with Jesus. Today, the same power is available through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The anointing that was on Jesus in His earthly ministry is now on His followers. Staying filled with the Spirit is critical if we want to see God’s miracle power heal the hurting in our world today. Here are some thoughts from the Fire Bible on the availability of the power of God.

“The Gospels often speak of the sick touching Jesus or of Jesus touching the sick. It was the contact and presence of Jesus that mattered. Because of his intimate relationship with God his Father and his complete dependence on the Holy Spirit, Jesus’ entire being was saturated with God’s miraculous power. This power is available to heal us because Christ sympathizes with our weaknesses and is our source of life and grace. Our responsibility in receiving healing is simply to stay in a close relationship with Christ, to ask him to meet our needs and to rely on him to do what is best for us. The same power that Jesus showed is also available to work miracles through his followers. As long as we remain in a deep personal relationship with God and rely on the power of the Holy Spirit, we too can be used by God to bring physical healing to suffering individuals.”

I love this story and especially love what Jesus said to the woman after she was healed. He told her that more than physical healing had happened that day. The impartation she received when she touched Jesus had made her whole. Not only can we be healed by the power of God but we can receive spiritual wholeness by just one touch. Go ahead and reach out to him, just one touch of His glory and you will never be the same.

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