kevin-ianeselli-442719.jpgJohn 1:14 ¶ And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth.

Have you ever really examined the incarnation of Christ? How could He rule the universe in this apparently weakened state? Was the Godhead divided, the Father and the Holy Spirit in heaven, Jesus on earth? As He humbled Himself to become a man did He lose His sovereignty or His goodness and purity? Did He lose His deity in His humanity? These are the hidden mysteries of God. The ESV Study Bible addresses this verse and may help with some of our questions.

“The Word continues the opening words of the prologue in v. 1. Became flesh does not mean the Word ceased being God; rather, the Word, who was God, also took on humanity. This is the most amazing event in all of history: the eternal, omnipotent, omnipresent, infinitely holy Son of God took on a human nature and lived among humanity as one who was both God and man at the same time, in one person. Dwelt among us means more literally “pitched his tent” (Gk. skēnoō), an allusion to God’s dwelling among the Israelites in the tabernacle . In the past, God had manifested his presence to his people in the tabernacle and the temple. Now God takes up residence among his people in the incarnate Word, Jesus Christ. Thus, the coming of Christ fulfills the OT symbolism for God’s dwelling with man in the tabernacle and the temple.”

This verse helps clarify the Old Testament tabernacle, the Lord was visibly present in that tent of Moses. That tent was a picture of the day when that same glory would appear in a man. That was the glory that John saw. John said that the Lord had “pitched His tent’ among us in this person, Jesus of Nazareth. For thirty three years the glory was on display in this man, Jesus Christ. Now here comes the best part, the Lord is pitching His tent in this world again today. Now this tent is made up of many members; the local church is now the dwelling place of this most high God. The glory of the Lord that was in the tabernacle in the wilderness, and in the man Jesus Christ, is now being revealed as He fills His church.

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