Lk.5:8 – But when Simon Peter saw it, he fell down at Jesus’ knees, saying, “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord.

Everyone responds differently to miracles or the power of God. Peter saw the incredible, unexplainable harvest of fish in this story and he was thunderstruck. He suddenly realized just exactly who was standing on his boat. This was the Holy One of Israel. This evokes pictures of Isaiah and the temple when he saw the Lord and was convicted of his sin. Isaiah cried out, “I am a man of unclean lips”. Peter, like Isaiah, began to see the depth of his sinfulness in the light of the Lord’s holiness. This place of conviction of sin is painfully sweet. This is the place where revelation begins, this is the first ‘open door’ we enter through. Peter’s spiritual journey was just beginning. He saw it for himself, it wasn’t about the fish, it was all about Jesus. Here are some thoughts from Albert Barnes from today’s verse.

“This is an expression of Peter’s humility, and of his consciousness of his unworthiness. It was not from want of love to Jesus; it did not show that he would not be pleased with his favor and presence; but it was the result of being convinced that Jesus was a messenger from God—a high and holy being; and he felt that he was unworthy to be in his presence. In his deep consciousness of sin, therefore, he requested that Jesus would depart from him and his little vessel. …We are not worthy to be with him, to be reckoned among his friends, or to dwell in heaven with him; but he came to seek the lost and to save the impure. He graciously condescends to dwell with those who are humble and contrite, though they are conscious that they are not worthy of his presence; and we may therefore come boldly to him, and ask him to receive us to his home—to an eternal dwelling with him in the heavens.”

Have you experienced the bitter sweetness of conviction of sin? Have you seen Jesus as your Savior? Many are stuck on the miracle worker part and miss the greatest miracle of all; new life that comes from forgiveness of our sins. Let Jesus step on your boat; if you do, you will get a whole lot more than a boatload of fish.

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