“Gods Theater”


Psalm 19:1 says, “The heavens declare the glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”

So many things happen in any given week concerning redemption it can take one’s breath away. Even scarier is that so many miss the moment when God breaks the silence. The Reformers back in the day, helped us rediscover the beauty of God all around us. They taught us to stop and pause at the beauty. When we look around, God is doing back flips, front flips, twirls, twists, and so on. One need only to listen to the love, for it is all around. Just this week, a Mary’s Song girl who didn’t know what a paragraph was wrote a poem, another one sang in the Spirit, children were touched by God in service and want to read their Bibles more. And the sweetest of all was when my 86 year old mother and I sang a worship song together while driving. Yes, we pause and listen because beauty speaks and he has a name. JESUS!

The Reformed poet Elizabeth Rowe wrote, “Tis thee, abstractly thee, God of uncreated Beauty, that I love, in thee my wishes are all terminated; in thee, as in their blissful centre, all my desires meet….The God of Nature, and the original of all beauty, is my God” Calvin encourages us to pass by lightly by saying; “We have been placed here, as in a spacious theater, to behold the works of God, and there is no work of God so small that we ought to pass by it lightly, but all ought be carefully and diligently observed.” Another reformer said; “The world is God’s book, no page is empty but full of lines.” (Thomas Taylor)

I believe deeply that we can receive healing in his word and his creation, we must learn to breathe in his beauty around us instead of the toxic fake world that we allow to creep in.

Ricard Baxter who wrote a book about heaven and all the glories of it also knew some secrets of the happy life here. He said; “What a pleasure is it to dive into the secrets of nature! The majesty of the great Creator doth shine in the face of this fabric of the world. The azure sky is his comely curtain and the earth his theater.”

Show me someone that is depressed and more than likely their natural habitat is toxic. Way to much tv/media, dark houses, bad eating, lack of the word, and seclusion all breed discouragement. Their tripartite being is all out of wack. I found a very interesting quote from “Ravished by Beauty” (Belden Lane) who said, “Even the thirteenth century Franciscans found visages or traces of the holy trinity in buttes, butterflies, and buzzards everywhere and said, “Nature points us through the vestiges of these concrete mysteries into the deeper image of God in our own created being. In this threefold way, every created being erupts into praise, leading us ultimately to Christ as Lord.”

Go ahead, erupt in praise and you just might change into a happy camper!

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